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Karen Middleton

Jun 29, 2020

Meet Young Alumna Karen Middleton ’17

For Karen Middleton, the Wilson College of Textiles was a perfect fit for her continued education. With a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Maryland, and previous experience in the U. S. Middleton sought to further her skills in business and technology with a master’s degree in textiles at NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles.  

Emily Harris

Apr 22, 2019

Well Hot Glam! Meet Alumna Emily Harris

It’s been about a year since Emily Harris graduated from the Wilson College of Textiles with a bachelor’s degree in Fashion and Textile Management, and what a year she’s had! From taking her blog from hobby to business, to opening a storefront for her own boutique, she’s making the most of entrepreneurial life. 

Thomas Family

Oct 10, 2017

Fourth Generation Alumna Carves her own Path

Sara Thomas, B.S., Fashion and Textile Management ’15, has cotton woven into her genes. She is the fourth generation of the Thomas family to graduate from the College of Textiles. Her great-grandfather, Mason P. Thomas, arrived on NC State’s campus in 1919 and every generation of her family since has followed in his footsteps. However, just as the textile industry has shifted focus across the decades, each member of the Thomas family has carved out his or her unique path. 

Lisabeth Carolina Arias

Sep 28, 2017

Heritage is the Hallmark of FTD Alumna’s Clothing Line

Fashion and Textile Design alumna Lisbeth Arias celebrates her heritage with Descalza, a fashion she began as an undergraduate. She recently launched the collection of scarves, ties and skirts via a successful Kickstarter campaign. 

Kent Hester

Sep 22, 2017

As Kent Hester Retires, He Leaves a Legacy of Service

After three decades, Kent Hester is retiring at the end of September. The alum and director of Student and Career Services reflects on his time at the College of Textiles and the experiences that shaped his career. 

Grace Brian

Aug 24, 2017

Passion for Sustainability Inspires Alum’s New Venture

Recent Fashion and Textile Design graduate Grace Brian found inspiration at home and abroad to connect cultures and bring together communities through artisan made goods. Her new online store Care+Co Market will offer consumers “high-quality, stylish products that are intended to be used for a lifetime.” 

Victoria Rind

Jun 26, 2017

Wilson College Alumna Victoria Rind ‘17 Lights Up the Field of Textile Engineering

Read about NC State College of Textiles alumna Victoria Rind, a research fellow at the Brooklyn Fashion + Design Accelerator's TEK-TILES Summer Sprint project and a future Adidas intern. 

Chase Pfendler

Jun 15, 2017

NC State Alum Chase Pfendler (‘15) Found Work and Love in the Wilson College of Textiles

By the time College of Textiles alumnus Chase Pfendler graduated in 2015 with degrees in both polymer and color chemistry and chemical engineering, he had already lined up his first job -- and found the love of his life. 

Ed Stack

Apr 20, 2017

The Lifelong Power of the Pack

When Ed Stack (B.S.,Textile Management ‘92) reflects on the influences that shaped him, three rise to the top: his mom, his dad and NC State. It was during his undergraduate years that he made connections and developed friendships that would impact every corner of his life. Learn why Stack says “Everything that I’ve done since I was 18, I owe back to NC State." 

Watauga Medal recipients

Mar 7, 2017

Alum Steve Warren Receives Watauga Medal

Textile Technology alumnus Steve Warren was one of four individuals to receive the Watauga Medal, NC State's highest nonacademic honor, during the annual Founders’ Day celebration March 3.