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New York Fashion Week

Alexandra Plunkett's GSOFW collection

Nov 1, 2019

Wheel of Fashion

Read on for our conversation with West about the cyclical nature of some aspects of fashion and how fashion trends evolve and spread. Then keep reading for firsthand perspectives from students Celine Borthayre, Emma Rigby and Alexandra Plunkett, and alumna Carly Palmer on their experience showing at Greensboro Fashion Week. 

Jeanne Engels in Cheruit dress

Jul 9, 2019

Selling Style II: The History of Fashion Marketing in the 20th Century  

At the turn of the last century, a pair of redheaded sisters launched themselves into Edwardian-era English society -- and fashion was never the same. Provocative novelist, scriptwriter and magazine columnist Elinor Glyn popularized the concept of the It Girl -- a young woman with both the innocent intrigue of the ingenue and the sex appeal of the siren. The It Girl has been exemplified over the years by Clara Bow, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Edie Sedgwick, Kate Moss and others. 

Jessica Couch

Dec 3, 2018

Fit Tech + Fashion = Luxor + Finch

The future of fashion is fit technology, and Wilson College of Textiles alumna Jessica Couch '10 is leading the revolution as founder of Luxor + Finch -- a fit technology consulting firm that works with the best in the business as they prepare for the brave new world of fashion that actually fits. 

Textile collection by Sharae Hines

Oct 5, 2018

FTD Program Schooling Tomorrow’s Designers

In the Fashion and Textile Design (FTD) program at NC State’s College of Textiles, creative expression meets function and cutting-edge technology in an interdisciplinary environment. The intentionally intimate program (32-student maximum enrollment) is in its sixth year and has fully hit its stride, with graduates going on to careers with international companies, launching their own lines and even showing their designs at New York Fashion Week. 

Anna Owens at VF internships

Aug 9, 2018

FTM Major Anna Owen Interns at VF

Rising senior and FTM major Anna Owen was a summer merchandising intern in the Wrangler Jeans Youth department at VF Corporation. We asked her to share her experience and advice for current and future students seeking a similar opportunity. 

Lisa Hoang

Sep 2, 2016

Fashion and Textile Design Senior Shows at New York Fashion Week

Lisa Hoang, a Fashion and Textile Design senior at NC State's College of Textiles, debuts her women’s ready-to-wear staple collection at New York Fashion Week on Sept. 9.