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Textile Protection and Comfort Center

Doctoral student recording results from a human subject on a bike in a lab

Jul 11, 2022

Graduate Research Spotlight: Faisal Abedin (Ph.D. FPS) Finds New Ways to Evaluate Activewear Materials

Doctoral candidate Faisal Abedin is advancing activewear from the Textile Protection and Comfort Center. 

Wildland fire shelter test set-up

Jun 15, 2022

New Fire Shelter Prototypes Could Buy Time for Wildfire Firefighters

New designs for wildfire shelters could increase the survival time for firefighters inside, researchers from NC State found in a recent study. 

Dr. Bryan Ormond and two students at symposium

Apr 12, 2022

Ph.D. Students Win Awards for Research at University of Miami National Firefighter Symposium

Graduate students Arash Kasebi and Mark Gaskill won an award for their poster presentations at the University of Miami’s National Firefighter Symposium, a conference dedicated to sharing research on the best methods to protect firemen. 

firefighters putting out house fire

Mar 2, 2022

Helping Set the Standard

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) reviews standards for first responders’ gear every three to five years. Using its world-leading testing systems, the Textile Protection and Comfort Center at the Wilson College of Textiles has made technical contributions that have helped create new testing methods and updated existing standards for firefighter turnout gear, including turnout suits and gloves. 

(F.I.E.R.O.) Symposium

Nov 16, 2021

TPACC Researcher Presents Findings to Leaders in Firefighting Industry

A study by the Wilson College of Textiles' Textile Protection and Comfort Center finds new ways to protect firefighters from heat stress. 

Marc Mathews

Nov 11, 2021

Military Veteran Marc Mathews’ Career Designing Protective Equipment Took Him All Over the World

After interrupting his studies for a tour in the Marines, Mathews returned to NC State “duly motivated and focused.” 

Oct 28, 2021

Women Supporting Women (In Fire)

Most female firefighters wear male suits that are ill-fitting or uncomfortable, but Research Assistant Professor Cassandra Kwon is on a mission to rectify that. 

Controlled burn in Carrboro

Sep 20, 2021

Staying Home — and Solving Problems

Meet the Wilson College of Textiles faculty who first walked the halls as NC State students. 

Sophie Guevel

Sep 17, 2021

Sophie Guevel: Working Behind the Scenes to Make an Impact

Sophie Guevel, research associate with the Textile Protection and Comfort Center, in the Wilson College of Textiles, was recognized with the 2020 Outstanding Extension Award for her continued contributions in keeping the center on the leading edge of testing technologies. 

green beam on black background

Sep 13, 2021

Researchers Are Developing Better Tests for Face Coverings With New Tech

Backed by a grant from the CDC, NC State researchers are working on new technology to simultaneously test face coverings' breathability, filtration and fit.