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Asset Management

Non-Technology Surplus

All non-computer surplus/transfer requests should go through the non-computer surplus request process.

Once items have been surplussed, they are property of Materials Management and may not be pulled and re-used within the College. If an item may be able to be re-used internally, this needs to be determined before the item is surplussed.

Technology Surplus

Any computing equipment capable of storing data must be wiped before it leaves the College. This includes but is not limited to: computers, tablets, phones, USB drives, cameras, and copiers.

TCTS does not support any computers bought at surplus. This includes computers bought with the intention of bringing it back for research purposes. The only computers that will receive a network connection, hardware and software support are those bought from University accounts.

NOTE: The decision tree at the end of the document provides a snapshot view of the disposal / transfer / loan of NC State property.