Classroom Capture Overview

Classroom capture technology records the instructor and their primary device (typically the classroom PC) so that they and the students can both review the class session after the fact. Most of our primary classrooms are not only outfitted with classroom capture, but the process is automated based on your class schedule. If you’re scheduled to teach in one of our ClassTech rooms, recording will happen automatically and post to a folder dedicated to your course, available for your use if you choose to share it with your students later.

To determine if classroom capture is available, and to what degree, in the room where you’ll be teaching, refer to the Supported Classrooms page on our TCTS website. You’ll also find notes on support and training videos on the same page to guide you through how the technology in those rooms works and what to do if it stops working as expected.

If you’re teaching in a room where classroom capture is automated and you don’t wish to have your class sessions recorded, contact DELTA at to opt out. You should also receive an email ahead of the start of the semester with a reminder to do just that.

On a similar note, if in addition to recording you wish to live broadcast your class sessions so remote participants can watch in real time, contact DELTA to request live streaming for your classroom recordings.

For ad hoc recordings outside your regular class schedule, look for a Panopto Record Now icon on the desktop of the classroom computer. Record Now will prompt you to log in to Panopto and select the folder where you wish to store your recording. You can then start and stop a custom recording at any time and share it as normal.

For more details about Panopto itself, refer to DELTA’s Panopto page for more information and training resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there someone in the room to help me?

No. If you need assistance with classroom technology, refer to the Supported Classrooms page for details on how to get assistance.

Does this mean my course is automatically offered online?

No. Recorded class sessions are for your use, you will have control over who has access to them. If you are teaching an online or hybrid course, they will be available to share with your students. If you wish to opt out of being recorded entirely, contact DELTA to request no recording for your classes.

If the students are captured, do I need to give them a release form?

Yes. While our recording systems are optimized to capture the instructor and not the students, if students present from the front of the class or are otherwise visible in recordings, you will need to ask them to complete a FERPA waiver to ensure their privacy is protect. TCTS has created a form at to assist with this endeavor – it will inform a student of their right to privacy and ask if they would like to have their likeness obscured on the recording or waive their FERPA protections in this instance.

What if I forget to turn it on or off?

Recordings start and stop automatically, so there’s no worry about letting a recording go too long. You will have the power to edit the recording after the fact, so if your class session ends early or starts late, you can trim the parts you don’t need. Follow the instructions in our Panopto editing guide for a walkthrough of the process.

How long will the course recording be available?

Recordings are retained for three years from the date of initial recording. After that time, if they’ve been viewed less than 5 times in the previous 18 months, recordings will be deleted to save on space. You have access to download recordings for your own records prior to that time if you wish to retain them indefinitely offline.