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Dean’s Page Alumna: Kaylin Sutton ’18, PCC, Organic Dyes & Pigments

Kaylin Sutton

By Ngoc Nguyen

Kaylin Sutton ’18

Degree: B.S., polymer and color chemistry

Current position/employer: color chemist at Organic Dyes & Pigments

Dean’s page: May 2016 – May 2018

Tell us about your current role: 

I work for a company that manufactures custom dye and pigment blends for various fields (textiles, car wash, agriculture, etc). My typical day-to-day responsibilities vary but I primarily do projects for customers where I color match whatever they send in; it could be an actual dye/pigment wet sample or a substrate that is the color they need. Other days, I quality control the raw materials that come in from our vendors or the dyes/pigments that we are making in the facility. What I like the most about my job is that no day is ever the same. I found this job by attending the Spring Career Fair my senior year.   

Other NC State/Wilson College activities: member of the Power Sound of the South, Pep Band and Wind Ensemble

Looking back, what was it like being a dean’s page?

Being a dean’s page is one of the many things I miss about NC State. It allowed me to meet and get to personally know a lot of the faculty and staff of the college. I became more knowledgeable about all the programs and resources that were available in the college through my time as a page as well. My favorite part of the job was getting to interact with the people in the office whether that be the faculty and staff or the students who are coming through. 

What did you take away from the Dean’s Page Program that helped you in your current position?

The biggest thing I took away from the program that helps me in my current position is the ability to multitask. There were many times when I would be doing something on the computer and a phone call would come in or someone would walk in with a question.  

What advice do you have for those who are new dean’s pages or interested in becoming one?

My greatest advice is to appreciate your time while you’re there because it’s nice not to be so stressed about classwork but you will miss it from time to time, especially the people. 

What is the funniest time or most interesting experience you had as a dean’s page?

The most interesting time as a dean’s page was when Margaret Spellings, who was the UNC School System President at the time, asked me to watch her purse while she toured the college. The ice cream parties were also a good time.