Justin Adelman ’17

Degree: B.S., polymer and color chemistry

Current position/employer: process engineer at Standard Textile

Dean’s page: January 2016 – May 2017

Tell us about your current role:

I currently work for Standard Textile as a Process Engineer at its Union, SC manufacturing facility. A normal day for me varies, which is one of the things I enjoy about working in manufacturing. Daily, I track machine downtime, waste and other process inefficiencies. I share and communicate areas of improvement and work with associates to develop and implement solutions using lean manufacturing principles. Recently, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, our facility has been developing, testing and producing textile materials for use in hospitals.

Other NC State/Wilson College activities: I participated in various intramural athletics as well as Unified League sports. Within the Wilson College of Textiles, I was an undergraduate research assistant.

A photo of Justin Adelman and his family

Looking back, what was it like being a dean’s page?

During my junior year, I was interested in becoming more involved in the Wilson College of Textiles. I had friends who had begun working as a deans page the previous semester and recommended that I apply. As a dean’s page, I enjoyed working on projects, especially Mail Merge and Lego Wolves.

What did you take away from the Dean’s Page Program that helped you in your current position?

Working as a dean’s page was a great way to improve professional skills to learn how to dress, act and speak in a manner that positively reflects yourself and the college. Additionally, as a dean’s page, I was able to interact professionally with faculty and staff. This allowed me to build relationships that I still maintain after college.

What advice do you have for those who are new dean’s pages or interested in becoming one?

Get Involved! After I became a dean’s page, I was able to see more of the “background” work outside of the classroom that makes the college so unique. I felt much more involved with the Wilson College of Textiles and the faculty. The Wilson College is full of very intelligent people who are truly interested and invested in your success, both academically and professionally. Connections and relationships made in college — both with fellow students and faculty members — are invaluable.

What is the funniest time or most interesting experience you had as a dean’s page?

Birthday ice cream with Amanda! Outside of work, I enjoyed meeting dean’s pages in different years and degree programs than mine.