By Taylor Pardue

Dr. Dame S. Hamby made a lasting mark on NC State through his time and talent. Hamby served as dean of the Wilson College of Textiles from 1981 to 1987, having first come to the university as a professor in 1948. He was active in a number of domestic and international professional associations, served as a consultant in textile operations the world over and was instrumental in the design and construction of the first mills to process Egyptian cotton.

Most importantly, he was a tireless supporter of NC State during his career and after his retirement.

Hamby passed away Feb. 27, 2016, at the age of 95. His legacy lives on, though, in the textile technologies he helped develop, the numerous books and articles he penned and in the lives he touched — and touches — as a member of the Pack.

Hamby does the latter by means of his estate. He and his wife, Estelle, established the Dame and Estelle Hamby Textile Scholarship Endowment in 1987 to provide scholarship support for students enrolled in the College of Textiles who demonstrate financial need. To date, 19 students have received aid from the scholarship, enabling them to pursue their textile studies with the same passion and dedication that Hamby himself demonstrated.

But the Hamby estate can only do so much for so many. The Wilson College of Textiles needs more supporters who will come alongside the Hambys’ legacy and become part of the College’s fabric of success. And there are opportunities to leave such a legacy across campus.

“The Hambys’ decision to continue impacting our College even after their passing reflects the importance they placed on it and its mission,” Wilson College of Textiles Dean David Hinks said. “Dr. Hamby dedicated much of his life to helping NC State’s students think and do the extraordinary. Through planned giving, he still can.”

To learn more about how philanthropy impacts the Wilson College of Textiles, please contact the North Carolina Textile Foundation.