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Meet One of the Newest Members of Our Wilson College Family: Emily Lingenfelter

Photo of Emily Lingenfelter

Emily Lingenfelter

  • Position: Social Media Specialist
  • Department: University Communications
  • Hometown: Gridley, Kansas

What was your path to this position?

I worked in athletic communications at Oklahoma State University as an undergraduate student while earning a degree in sports media. I served as graduate assistant sports information director for two years before beginning a communications role on campus with Oklahoma State University’s Department of Brand Management. I transitioned to my previous role with OSU, Agriculture Communication Services, as a social media coordinator in January of 2021.

Why were you interested in this position / in working at the Wilson College?

I feel like the Wilson College of Textiles has such a unique place in NC State’s campus and history, and working as a social media specialist with the college gives an equally unique opportunity to help tell that story and inform others about what’s happening at Wilson.

What are your duties on a day-to-day basis?

I work in the social media hub on campus and also serve as the social media specialist for the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, splitting my time between the three offices. I oversee the social accounts and help create and publish content relevant to each of the units.

What is your favorite part of your job and/or working at the Wilson College of Textiles?

So far, my favorite part has been getting to see all of the labs and tour the college to get a feel for what it’s like as a student but also in my role as the social media specialist. It seems like there’s a lot of possibility and opportunity for great social storytelling, and I’m excited to explore that and get started.

What do you like to do outside of work?

I really enjoy taking in local sporting events (wherever I am) and have spent time exploring Raleigh in my few short weeks since arriving. I also love shooting photography, hiking, attending concerts, cooking and spending time with my cat and boyfriend.