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Ambassador Tai Visits Wilson College of Textiles

Photo shows visitors Deborah Ross and Katherine Tai watching a demonstration of Pyroman as Sean Deaton explains it to them. The photo is taken from a high angle and the back of their heads are visible.
Ambassador Katherine Tai was sworn in as the 19th United States Trade Representative on March 18, 2021. Here, Ambassador Tai visits and tours the Textiles Complex.

By Sarah Stone

U.S. Ambassador and Trade Representative Katherine Tai learned more about the current landscape and future of the textile industry in the United States with a visit to North Carolina State University’s Wilson College of Textiles on Nov. 10. She was joined by newly elected Congresswoman Deborah Ross.

Wilson College staff, faculty and students welcomed these guests and shared their research innovations and industry achievements. Chancellor Randy Woodson, Wilson College Dean David Hinks, Gaston College President John Hauser, the president of Parkdale Mills and other industry representatives also participated in a roundtable discussion with Ambassador Tai.

Explore the photo story below to follow along with Ambassador Tai’s tour of the Wilson College of Textiles.

Ambassador Katherine Tai meets Dean David Hinks.
Shawn Deaton, operations director at the Textile Protection and Comfort Center, shows Ambassador Katherine Tai around the research facility.
Associate Professor Sonja Salmon explains explains her ongoing research on carbon capture to Ambassador Tai, Congresswoman Deborah Ross, Dean David Hinks and Gaston College President John Hauser.
Research Assistant Professor Amanda Mills explains the Wilson College’s ongoing Senior Design projects to Ambassador Tai, Dean David Hinks and Congresswoman Ross.
Textile engineering student Reid Barnett presents his group’s Senior Design project to visitors from the U.S. government and textile industry.
Master’s student Emily Odykirk presents to visitors from the U.S. government and the textile industry.
Andre West, director of the Zeis Textiles Extension, shows Ambassador Tai, Congresswoman Ross and Dean Hinks the extension’s sock machine.
Ambassador Tai, Congresswoman Ross and Dean Hinks visit the Wilson College of Textiles’ Weaving Lab.
Weaving Research Specialist Lauren Reggi shows Ambassador Tai how the jacquard weaving machine works inside of the Zeis Textiles Extension.
Dean David Hinks introduces Ambassador Katherine Tai to Research Assistant Professor Cassandra Kwon.
Ambassador Katherine Tai meets Chancellor Randy Woodson.
From left to right: NC State Vice Chancellor for External Affairs, Partnerships and Economic Development Kevin Howell, Ambassador Katherine Tai and Dean David Hinks.