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Honors and Awards

Meggie Metcalf Receives Carrie McLean Award, Honoring a Legacy of Leadership

Meggie Metcalf stands in front of a black curtain holding an award plaque.

As NC State University’s most recent recipient of the Carrie McLean Award, Associate Director of Academic Services Meggie Metcalf has made a lasting legacy at the Wilson College of Textiles as a trusted leader, respected professional and highly knowledgeable advisor.

NC State presented Metcalf with the award this January in recognition of her service, dedication and accomplishments as an advising administrator. This award pays homage to Carrie McLean, who served as the first director of advising at NC State until her retirement in 2021. 

Meet Meggie

After working as an academic advisor with exploratory studies students on campus, Metcalf joined the Wilson College team. Since then she has been twice promoted to senior advisor and now her current position as associate director. 

Working in higher education means key responsibilities change throughout the cycle of the academic year as faculty and students’ needs vary. In this role, Metcalf leads the college’s team of academic advisors, trains and supports faculty advisors, and works directly with first and second-year students. 

Engaging with students and serving as a teacher has remained a guiding force in Metcalf’s work. In a letter to the advising award committee, Metcalf explains how connection and empathy have built the foundation for her advising philosophy. 

“Building rapport requires good listening and paying attention. Sometimes students just want someone to listen, and other times they may need to be connected with different resources on campus,” Metcalf writes. “I try to focus my conversations with students (and colleagues) with curiosity, not judgment and conduct myself in an empathetic manner so they know they can rely on my support.” 

Meggie Metcalf sits behind her desk talking to two students.

Additionally, Metcalf oversees study abroad advising for Wilson College students and sits on many university-wide committees, where she works closely with other colleges, departments and advising-related associations. This collaboration helps Metcalf get creative when it comes to serving her team and students. 

“I’m always excited to read, learn and talk with other people to gather ideas for how we can continue to improve advising within our college,” Metcalf shares. “I think we have an advantage at Wilson College because we have a smaller student population. Some things with advising that might not work in larger departments or colleges, might work for us.”

Award winning advising

Originally hired at NC State by McLean, Metcalf’s reception of the award marks a full-circle moment in her career.

“Dr. McLean certainly was a voice of support and provided guidance by allowing me to try different things in my role. I’m very, very honored to have received the award in her name,” Metcalf says.

In her role as senior director of academic services, one of Heather Lyerly’s responsibilities includes overseeing the advising team. Lyerly nominated Metcalf for the award, where she highly praised her dependability and initiative. 

“She’s an incredible professional. Meggie has really stepped up in her role as associate director,” Lyerly says. “She embodies the kind of advisor and leader that Dr. McLean was when she was here.”

Setting new standards

The impact of Metcalf’s dedication is felt by students and faculty alike. Lyerly’s nomination explains how the development of the faculty advisor and training program, driven by Metcalf, has changed the culture of advising within the college. Through the program, faculty undergo extensive training and certification programs to better understand the ins and outs of advising and become the best possible resource for their students.

“It can be difficult for faculty to navigate best practices for advising, remember policies, learn advising technology and more,” Lyerly explains in her recommendation. “Through this program, new faculty advisors participate in an extensive onboarding process which includes self-paced training modules, two training sessions with Meggie and four or more shadowing opportunities.”

Going forward, Metcalf strives to keep bringing an open mind, supportive hand and creative spirit to her work. Two of her future goals include increasing study abroad enrollment and fostering the wellness of Wilson College students. 

“I’m always open to other ideas that we can integrate into our advising,” Metcalf shares. “Beyond that, I’m continuing to find ways to best support our students holistically and helping them all grow personally and professionally.”