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Faculty Research

Emma Myer-Medina observes Meghan Lord conducting an experiment. Both wear white lab coats, masks and safety glasses. Megan has her arms in gloves which reach into a glass case where the experiment is taking place.

Feb 16, 2023

Undergraduates Join Research Team, Learn Industry Skills

Teresa Fiorito and Emma Myer-Medina spent the summer assisting Ph.D. students on research with far-reaching results. 

Delisia Matthews wears a long grey dress with with white drawstrings at the collar and long sleeves. She sits on top of a larger-than-life green couch made out of synthetic turf with her legs crossed and looking straight ahead but away from the camera, which is positioned to her right. Behind her, a remodeled shipping container that has been turned into a work space is visible.

Feb 9, 2023

How Black Culture and Black History Inform Sneakerhead Culture

Wilson College of Textiles Associate Professor Delisia Matthews researches the roots and culture of sneaker fanatics. 

A microscopic image of fibroblast cells on nylon.

Feb 3, 2023

Textiles Researchers Prepare Stem Cells to Become Organ Tissue

An NC State researcher is laying the foundation to grow stem cells into replacement organ tissue, which would eliminate the need for donor organs. 

Embroidery machine

Nov 22, 2022

Researchers Eye Embroidery as Low-Cost Solution for Making Wearable Electronics

NC State researchers discovered a low-cost, scalable method for making wearable devices. 

aerial photo showing the Wilson College of Textiles in the foreground and Lake Raleigh behind.

Nov 17, 2022

Wilson College of Textiles Researchers Earn Funding to Advance Medicine

The Comparative Medicine Institute saw promise in research proposals submitted by faculty and graduate students alike. 

Kate Nartker uses TC2 loom in the Wilson College of Textiles lab. Behind her, a bookshelf with spools of colorful thread can be seen. The beginnings of the weave are visible: a bright orange geometric pattern.

Nov 4, 2022

Wilson College Faculty Member Aims to Bring Weaving to the Big Screen

Assistant Professor Kate Nartker's trailer for the short film "Whose Woods Are These" marks an expansion of her groundbreaking animated weaving work. 

person stands in soybean field (back right corner).

Oct 11, 2022

New Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration Will Tackle Global Challenges

Wilson College of Textiles faculty member Sonja Salmon is leading a collaboration between NC State and the Technical University of Denmark that aims to uncover new biology-based methods for CO2 management and sustainable fertilizer production. 

Lori Rothenberg (left) sits a white office chair with a black cushion behind a desk with a laptop in front of her. Delisia Matthews (right) stands with her hand resting on the armrest of Lori's office chair.

Oct 5, 2022

Wilson College of Textiles Faculty and Lenovo Partner for Data Trade Gateway Program

Lenovo's support helped faculty provide this data visualization tool to North Carolina HBCUs and minority-owned businesses. 

Knee brace

Sep 9, 2022

Users Care About Assistive Devices’ Look, Feel and Smell

People considered the look, texture and smell of assistive devices in online reviews, an NC State study found. 

Tom Schroeder

Sep 1, 2022

Tom Schroeder Joins Wilson College Faculty After Completing Postdoctoral Studies at Harvard 

He looks to organisms like electric eels for insights on how to make the next generation of materials.