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Student Success

Wilson College Recognizes Student, Staff and Faculty Accomplishments for 2022-2023

View of the front of the Textiles Complex - brick building - with metal lettering on the front that says Wilson College of Textiles.

Student External Honors and Awards

Hajara Babayo awarded 2023 Participant Excellence in Graduate Polymer Research program, American Chemical Society – Division of Polymer Chemistry (advisor: Ericka Ford).

Hannah Dedmon, Farzin Rahmani, Melissa A. Pasquinelli, Ericka Ford awarded PMSE Best Poster winner, ACS PMSE/POLY Poster Session, August 2022, “Antiplasticizing interactions between biobased small molecules and vinyl polymers for improved gel-spinning: A molecular dynamics simulation study”.

Majid Joghataei awarded 3rd Place, North Carolina State University: Effects of Polymer Rheology on Meltblowing Fiber Formation, student poster competition, 13th World Filtration Congress, San Diego, CA, 10/5-9, 2022 (advisor: Eunkyoung Shim).

Yali Ling awarded VF Graduate Student Impact Award in Apparel and Footwear, $5,000 (advisor: Rong Yin).

Mary Nease awarded 1st Place, AATCC’s C2C student design competition based on TTM 517 (instructor: Minyoung Suh).

Zoe Newman was the first FTD student to earn a Ph.D. in TTM, fall 2022.

Kayleena Otero awarded 3rd Place, Poster Award, Undergraduate/Master Student category, “Exploring Metal Complexable Monoazo Dyes As Sustainable Colorants For Human Hair and Textiles,” 2022 NC-ACS Local Section Annual Meeting, November 2022 (advisor: Tova Williams).

Michele Schmidt awarded 2023 American Chemical Society Green Chemistry Institute Ciba Travel Award (advisor: Tova Williams).

Ritika Shamdasani (FTM ‘23) named in Forbes 2023 30 Under 30 list.

Nigar Sultana awarded Second Place Poster Award from the ECS Nanocarbons Division’s 2023 Spring Meeting in Boston for her poster “Development of Optical Nanosensors for pH Measurements in Model Biofluids” (advisor: Januka Budhathoki-Uprety).

Daniel Weispfenning awarded 3rd place award at PCIAW Summit, London.

Student University Honors and Awards

Sofia Abello awarded an NC State Undergraduate Research and Creativity Symposium Presentation Award, spring 2023 (advisor: Januka Budhathoki-Uprety).

Anh Bui awarded an NC State Undergraduate Research Award for fall 2022, $500, “Optimization of Pneumatic Origami Actuator” (advisor: Xiaomeng Fang).

Suh Hee Cook awarded People’s Choice Award for NC State’s 2023 Three Minute Thesis Competition (advisor: Jessica Gluck).

Suh Hee Cook awarded 1st place in the NC State Graduate Research Symposium in the Engineering category (advisor: Jessica Gluck).

Hannah Dewey awarded a research fund ($700) as a student research advisor, COE’s MI-REU program (advisor: Januka Budhathoki-Uprety).

Tyler Hodges awarded a Summer 2023 Research Award ($2,000) with the Office of Undergraduate Research, “Hydrogel fiber for functional textiles” (advisor: Xiaomeng Fang).

Cynthia Salcedo Chavez received an Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award for teaching PCC 302 Lab. Award given by GSA (Graduate Student Association) and Graduate School.

Eelya Sefat awarded Richard L. Blanton Outstanding Capstone Award for  “Development of Biosynthetic Noggin-Coated Corneal Bandage for Treatment of Indolent Corneal Ulceration”, $500 (advisor: Jessica Gluck).

Yiduo Yang awarded a Goodnight Doctoral Fellowship, $30,000/year up to 4 years (advisor: Rong Yin).

2023 NC State Make-A-Thon Awards

  • Joanna Gulley and team awarded overall 2nd Place, “An online site named Pack Exchange that allows students to buy, sell, give and swap items they no longer use”.
  • Ethan Hill and team awarded Textiles 1st Place, “A machine that processes plastic bottles into thread, creating a sustainable fabric such as nylon”. 
  • Mohammed Patoary, Md Abul Shahid and team awarded Textiles 2nd Place, “Moss-based urinal cakes which are both biodegradable and do not contain nor emit harmful chemicals while conserving water”. 

Staff and Faculty External Honors and Awards

Arjunsing Girase, postdoc, awarded 2nd Place Poster, University of Miami International Firefighter Cancer Symposium, Miami, FL, March 2023 (advisor: Bryan Ormond).

Ellie Jin and cohorts received the Paper of Distinction award for “Does the pandemic boost sustainability? The influence of the covid-19 on consumers and their loyalty intentions toward sustainable brands” at ITAA, October, 2022.

Pamela McCauley inducted into the Oklahoma Hall of Fame. The Oklahoma Hall of Fame was founded in 1927 by Anna B. Korn to officially celebrate Statehood Day, recognizing Oklahomans dedicated to their communities.

Pamela McCauley inducted into the Black Engineer of the Year Award Hall of Fame, Washington DC, February 3, 2023.

Bryan Ormond awarded AATCC Faculty Advisor Award

Nelson Vinueza awarded Dyers’ Company Research Medal, London, UK. The Dyers’ Company from London, England. The Research Medal, instituted in 1908, recognizes significant advances in color research.

Staff and Faculty University Honors and Awards

Xiaomeng Fang awarded the 2022-2023 NC State Outstanding Teacher Award.

Warren Jasper elected Chair of the University Research Committee 2022-2023.

Alyssa Jennings awarded the 2022-2023 NC State New Advisor Award. The New Advisor Award is given to a Primary Role Advisor with 3 or fewer years of experience.

Karen Leonas awarded the 2023 NC State Sustainability Award for Faculty. Sustainability Award winners are selected for outstanding achievements in sustainability on campus, in the community or globally.

Bryan Ormond awarded the 2022-2023 Goodnight Early Career Innovator Award.

Nelson Vinueza awarded the 2022-2023 University Faculty Scholar.

Yingjiao Xu awarded the 2022-2023 Alumni Association Distinguished Graduate Professorship Award.

Student, Staff and Faculty College Honors and Awards

Master Advisor Certificate: Hannah Carter, Alyssa Jennings, Kristin Thoney-Barletta (3rd time).

Merit Awards: Jeff Krauss (July 2022), Meggie Metcalf (August 2022), Kam Heslop (September 2022), Alyssa Jennings (October 2022), Traci Figura (November 2022), Chris Buchanan (December 2022), Bailey Smith (January 2023), Merica Ivey (February 2023), Sharon Wright (March 2023),

On-the-Spot Awards: Rebecca Callimanis, Andres Carasquillo, Robert Cooper, David Clinkscales, Jeff Joines, Jeff Krauss, Heather Lyerly, Nasif Mahmood, Tri Vu, Sharon Wright.

Research Open House Oral Presentation Awards 

  • First place:
    • Mark Gaskill, “Evaluation of Common Fire Investigator Ensembles Against Chemical Vapor”
  • Second place:
    • Daxian Zha, “A Textile Platform Using Continuous Aligned and Textured Composite Microfibers to Engineer Skin Tissue Scaffolds”
  • Third place (tied):
    • Jeannie Egan, “Enzymatic fiber Separation as a Pathway for Textile Circularity”
    • Nicole Rosario-Ortiz, “Formulating Hydrogel Monofilament Yarns with Dense Entanglements and Sparse Crosslinks”

Research Open House Poster Presentation Awards 

  • First place:
    • Daxian Zha, “A Textile Platform Using Continuous Aligned and Textured Composite Microfibers to Engineer Skin Tissue Scaffolds”
  • Second place:
    • Wenna Han
  • Third place (tied):
    • Nur Mazumder, “Analyzing Durability and Performances of PFAS and PFAS-Free Outer Shell Fabrics”
    • Robert Seevers, “Textile-Based Robotic Tongue for the Instruction of Tongue Shape During Speech Production”

Fall Undergraduate Awards

  • Ball Honor Award: Meredith Wood
  • John N. Gregg Award: Sarah Jarrell
  • Joseph D. Moore Award: Reagan Dunham
  • The Dean’s Award: Mike Keating
  • Sigma Tau Sigma Award: Reagan Dunham

Spring Undergraduate Awards

  • Lawrence Iason Honor Award: Kyle Dekaney
  • John E. Reeves Award: Chloe Patterson
  • Donald F. McCullough Award: Rosa Stancil
  • Joseph D. Moore Honor Award: Kallie Stevens
  • Chester H. Roth Award: Nadhir Sait
  • John M. Reeves Award: Victor Alvarez-Valverde
  • Henry A. Rutherford Honorary Award: Sophie Frain
  • Textile Engineering Service and Dedication Award: Steven Key
  • Outstanding Fashion Design Student Award: Caroline Diaz
  • Outstanding Textile Design Student Award: Anna Stufflebeam
  • Outstanding Brand Management and Marketing Student Award: Anna Labar
  • Outstanding Apparel Student Award: Makenna Lanier
  • Peter R. Lord Textile Engineering Design Leadership Award: Lara Prosser and Susie Richart
  • Award in Academics: Shannon Sefton

Issued Patents

Sonja Salmon, Yue Yuan, Chitosan materials with entrapped enzyme and biocatalytic textiles and other biocatalytic materials comprising same, 2023, US 11,607,345 B2 [Issued 2023-03-21].