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map of the east coast with North Carolina as the southernmost state shown. Dots in different colors represent different businesses in this data visualization

Oct 5, 2022

Wilson College of Textiles Faculty and Lenovo Partner for Data Trade Gateway Program

Lenovo's support helped faculty provide this data visualization tool to North Carolina HBCUs and minority-owned businesses. 

Knee brace

Sep 9, 2022

Users Care About Assistive Devices’ Look, Feel and Smell

People considered the look, texture and smell of assistive devices in online reviews, an NC State study found. 

Tom Schroeder

Sep 1, 2022

Tom Schroeder Joins Wilson College Faculty After Completing Post-doctoral Studies at Harvard 

He looks to organisms like electric eels for insights on how to make the next generation of materials. 

Olivia Hartung taking notes in the Sustainable Dye Chemistry Lab

Aug 15, 2022

High School Student Sharpens Research Skills in Wilson College’s Sustainable Dye Chemistry Lab

A grant from the North Carolina Textile Foundation helped faculty member Tova Williams provide a unique opportunity in STEM education. 

Two vials showing the before and after effects which Polymer has on dye removal from water

Aug 11, 2022

New Method Can Remove Dyes From Wastewater

Findings by researchers at the Wilson College of Textiles offer a new potential method for cleaning wastewater after use by textiles, cosmetics or other industries. 

The virtual product portal developed by DELTA for TE 589: Design Analysis of Smart Textile course.

Aug 3, 2022

Delta Supports Development of New Textile Reverse-Engineering Course

Professor Jesse Jur, Research Assistant Professor Amanda Mills and Ph.D. student Caitlin Knowles were recently awarded a DELTA Grant to create a new graduate-level online course focusing on the reverse engineering of textile products. 

textile craft

Aug 1, 2022

During COVID-19 Lockdowns, Textile Arts Helped Older Adults to Cope

An NC State researcher explored how textile arts and crafts helped adults isolated in senior living facilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

the tying-in process

Jul 20, 2022

Non-stop Innovation: Researchers Patent Weaving Efficiency Process

A new patent developed by Wilson College of Textiles faculty will make the tying-in process more efficient. 

An illustration of jeans coming off of a digital printer

Jul 11, 2022

Dr. Green Jeans

Professor Lisa Chapman's research aims to make blue jeans more green. 

Doctoral student recording results from a human subject on a bike in a lab

Jul 11, 2022

Graduate Research Spotlight: Faisal Abedin (Ph.D. FPS) Finds New Ways to Evaluate Activewear Materials

Doctoral candidate Faisal Abedin is advancing activewear from the Textile Protection and Comfort Center.