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Flex Factory: Prototype Lab

A place where Think meets Do to bring textile products to market

The Flex Factory Prototype Lab will provide services to entrepreneurs and established companies to bring textile products to market, reducing the product development timeline and increasing speed to market with state of the art textile processing and cut and sew equipment. This facility is currently under development with a plan to open phase 1 to customers in summer 2023.

Phase 1 Capabilities and Equipment:

  • Gerber Z1 Cutter with Contour Vision System and Biting Cutting Function
    • Gerber AccuMark Design Software
  • Mesdan Mini Spin Line with Short and Long Staple Spinning
  • Mimaki Tx300P-1800MkII Dual-Ink System Printer
  • Sewing Equipment
    • Cover Stitch Machine
    • Sewing Machine
    • 504 Serger Sewing Machine
    • Button Sewing Machine
    • Buttonhole Machine
    • 407 Coverstitch Sewing Machine
    • Embroidery Machine
  • Bonding Equipment
    • Hot Tape Seaming Machine
    • Ultrasonic Welder
  • Heat Press
    • Stahl Hotronix Fusion IQ
    • Practix OK-160 Drawer Slide Heat Press
  • 3D Printer