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Knitting Lab

The Knitting Laboratory is equipped with a wide variety of knitting machinery in order to best serve the textile industry at large, as well as the educational and research needs of NC State students and faculty. Weft knit capabilities include circular knitting on a variety of single and double knit machines in various gauges, as well as an array of state-of-the-art Shima Seiki flat knitting machines. Additionally, warp knit fabrics can be produced on a range of tricot, raschel and crochet machines. Services offered include fabric and sample development to fit the specific needs of a given client’s project.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Weft knits are composed of horizontal inter-looping courses and wales, thus causing the yarn paths to run across the width of the fabric. Single knitting can be used to produce jersey, purl or rib knit whereas double knitting can be used to produce rib double or interlock double textiles. 

Some of the properties of weft knits include softness, warmth, comfort, stretch, recovery and wrinkle resistance.

A warp knit is composed of vertical inter-looping, thus causing the paths to run along the length of the fabric. In the production of warp knits, each needle has its own yarn, therefore allowing each loop to be interlaced wale to wale. Warp yarns cannot be hand made and do not unravel easily.

Tricot and Raschel are both types of warp knits. Tricot machines are traditionally used to create fashion fabrics and mesh fabrics whereas Raschel machines are used to create lace fabrics and trims.