About ZTE

The Zeis Textile Extension Education for Economic Impact Center was formed in November, 2006 by Steve Zeis, College of Textiles graduate, class of ’62, and his wife Frosene of Asheville, NC. The center was established through two Centennial Scholarships with a $500,000 bequest and an additional $1M life income gift.

ZTE Quick Facts – Fiscal Year 2015-2016

  • 38 Textile Technology and Lean Six Sigma Courses taught
  • 2318 students taught
  • Total Economic Impact of $13M

Did you know that since its establishment, ZTE has taught more than 600 courses to over 12,000 students with an economic impact of nearly 300M?


To serve a diverse customer base to advance economic development through collaborative partnerships and outreach, innovative textile and quality improvement education, and comprehensive textile prototyping and testing services.


To be a global extension leader in textile and quality improvement education, research and service to accelerate economic development.


Customer Focus: We listen to our customers (both internal and external) and respond with positive passion to their needs.

Integrity: We are honest and truthful in our communications with customers and within our team.

Professionalism: We are technically competent in serving our customer.

Innovation: We adapt to meet the current and future opportunities of our customers and our team.

Environment: We respect and value each team member’s diversity and are positive in our relationships, attitudes, and vision.