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Physical Testing Lab FAQ

What are the Physical Testing Lab’s lab conditions?

  • ASTM D1776 Standard
  • Standard temperature: 21+/- 2 degrees Celsius, 70 +/- 4 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Standard Humidity: 65% +/- 5
  • The lab does not have the capability to offer variation of conditions for humidity and temperature.

What is the turnaround time for testing?

  • Clients should generally allow for a two week turnaround time from the date the samples are received by the lab. The turnaround time also depends on the number of samples submitted and the tests requested.
  • The turnaround time also depends on existing test projects and the educational requirements of the lab.

Can testing be expedited for an extra charge?

  • No, expedited service is not available due to educational priorities.

What are the sample preparation requirements?

  • Here in the PTL, we prefer to prepare the sample in house. We do require that clients provide identification of the technical front, technical back and warp or machine direction.

What are the test standards the PTL can perform?

  • The Physical Testing Lab performs ASTM and AATCC test standards.
  • In many cases the lab can tailor a standard to fit the needs of clients. The PTL has the capability to complete tests for other standards if requested by the client. There is an additional charge for this service.

Do you have a published price list?

  • No, but we offer a complimentary cost estimate tailored to clients’ requests.

How do I initiate testing with the PTL?

  • A testing service order form (TSOF) needs to be completed before testing can begin as required by the University.
  • Information needed for a TSOF:
  • Name of the contact person who will sign the agreement
  • Company name and physical address (also mailing and billing addresses if different)
  • Phone, fax, and email of the contact person
  • The not-to-exceed dollar amount to be assigned to the TSOF*
  • *An open-ended TSOF with an open-ended dollar amount would allow you to send samples to us over an extended period-of-time on an as-needed basis for these tests or any other tests you may need. Open-end forms are typically effective for 3 years

Does the Physical Testing Lab offer consulting services?

  • The PTL staff does not offer consulting services. If consulting services are desired, you would need to contact a faculty member in the specific field of interest.
  • The PTL only provides a summary report and not an analysis of the data. It is up to the client to interpret the data.