Kate McCarney Cottrell

Kate McCarney Cottrell is from Manchester Center, Vermont, and graduated from Burr and Burton Academy. She has been awarded a North Carolina Textile Foundation Jacques Weber Centennial ScholarshipShe is pursuing Fashion and Textile Management in the hopes of becoming a fashion marketing manager.

“Receiving the Centennial Scholarship has dramatically alleviated the financial burden of attending college out of state. It has also blessed me with the enrichment fund, which may allow me to travel abroad and ultimately further my understanding of the international textile industry,” she said.  “The Centennial Scholarship is a driving force behind my desire to achieve academic excellence. I am so thankful for the people who have made this scholarship possible and I plan to make their time and money worth while.”

Kate took Advanced Placement courses in Biology; US History; Microeconomics; and Psychology. She also took a Speech and Composition course in which she enhanced her writing and became increasingly comfortable speaking in front of audiences. Throughout her high school career, Kate participated in the National Honors Society, was an ambassador for her high school, and took part in Kids Uniting for Rural Africa (KURA) to raise money for African children. In addition, Kate participated in a mentoring program for a local elementary school. She also played varsity soccer until an injury sidelined her.  Instead of sitting on the bench, Kate took on the role of assistant coach for the team. She also interned for R.K. Miles, where she worked in the interior design department.

Like so many other Centennial Scholars, Kate’s journey started with STEP – the Summer Textile Exploration Program.

“My college counselor had visited the Wilson College of Textiles in the fall of 2015. She was so impressed with the college that she urged me to attend STEP,” she said. “STEP is the reason NC State became my top choice for college. The program did an amazing job of highlighting why the Wilson College of Textiles will set you apart from the rest. After STEP I knew I wanted to pursue the FTM major and become part of the Wolfpack.”


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    Best wishes as you grow and learn at NCSU. you have traded snow for rain… have fun!

    Textile Technology ’80

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