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Celine Borthayre

Celine Borthayre

Celine Borthayre, Mooresville, N.C., is a homeschool graduate. She was awarded the John Copeland Centennial Scholarship and will be studying Fashion and Textile Design.

When asked what being a Centennial Scholar means to her, Celine stated that “It means I have been selected to represent the Wilson College of Textiles and the North Carolina Textile Foundation at a new level.  It means that my hard work in high school has not only paid off in my admittance to NC State, but in the ability to alleviate the financial burden of college tuition and to be a part of a tight community of people with similar drives and desires.”

Celine completed a combination of 12 AP and community college classes including U.S. history, art history, art-2D, chemistry, English, psychology and microeconomics. Celine participated in a variety of activities including Science Olympiads, Yearbook Staff, Toastmaster’s, Eta Sigma Alpha National Honor Society and also served as president of Phi Theta Kappa.

Throughout high school, Celine was employed as a tutor at Kumon Math and Reading Center. She was also heavily involved in community service including work at the Mooresville Christian Mission, Operation Christmas Child, Charlotte Urban Mission, Children’s Hope Alliance, Special Olympics and Bright Blessings. She was awarded the Congressional Award Silver Medal by the US Congress for her commitment to public service and personal development. She also competed in Irish dancing for eight years with Rince na H’Eireann School of Irish Dance. Her hobbies include SCUBA diving, playing sports and creating art of any kind.

Celine’s week at the College’s residential Summer Textiles Exploration Program helped her decide that NC State was where she belonged. “Interacting with the staff and faculty in the Wilson College of Textiles and getting to utilize their facilities and technology was an incomparable experience and ultimately the reason I chose NC State’s COT,”  she said.

As she begins her undergraduate career at the Wilson College of Textiles, she looks forward to continuing to grow academically and personally, surrounding herself with both students and staff who share her passions. “I know that others have and will continue to devote their time, money, and energy into my personal and academic development so, in turn, I want to put forth my greatest effort to be a shining reflection of all of the things a student in the Wilson College of Textiles can achieve,” she says.

Written by Mary Margaret Lyle