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Wilson College Students’ Textile Expertise Shines in Art2Wear

model in pink top and skirt walking on runway

By Sarah Stone

Designs by Wilson College of Textiles students wowed an audience from around the Raleigh area during the Art2Wear show in Talley Student Union.

This is the 21st year of the competition, which is hosted by the College of Design. Each year, NC State students compete for the opportunity to showcase their collections. Wilson College students frequently make the cut. This year, three Wilson College students’ collections appeared on the runway. Fashion and textile management student Jacob Hodges also played a crucial role behind the scenes as the show’s assistant director.

Emma Anderson is pursuing a bachelor’s in Art + Design at the College of Design, but says the coursework in her textile technology minor helped give her a step up as she completed her collection.

“It has helped inform the fabrics that I’ve chosen for my collection. I know more about a variety of fabric structures, so I’ve had more success choosing fabrics I could screen print on, or that would cauterize after laser cutting,” Anderson says. “Plus, it’s just so cool to really understand the processes behind making the fabrics I’m using in this more end-stage process.”

Below, hear more about the inspiration behind each Wilson College student’s collection in their own words.

Chiana Royal | Eris

Junior, Fashion and Textile Design (Concentration: Fashion Design)

“Long since has human society labeled the female archetype as the symbol of chaos, Western ideologies regurgitate the same tales where chaos, change, irregularity are considered negative. Female. Enter Eris. The goddess of discord, personification of chaos. Eris tells the tale of women who embrace their inner discord, who revel in nonconformity and irregularity. Even going as far as embracing the dangers that accompany it. Here we rewrite the stereotypes associated with the divine feminine as something wild, free, and ever changing. Here we celebrate the untamed, beautiful chaos that is the female spirit accompanied by animalistic familiars that suffer under that same negative stereotype. If the free spirit is art, then women are a masterpiece. In my collection I created my own fabrics inspired by surrealist paintings, handcrafted the jewelry pieces, and overall created a collection that is both chaotic and harmonious.”


Nicolle Shooman | SEX

Junior, Fashion and Textile Design (Concentration: Fashion Design)

“SEX is a collection that clashes feminine and masculine formal wear. The collection is meant to inspire individuals to dress beyond their sexual orientation’s guidelines, as we push societies definition of normal.”


Emma Anderson | Axiom

Minor: Textile Technology

“Axiom is a visual representation of my experiences of cognitive dissonance. There’s a struggle between the garment and the wearer, where at times the garment obscures the shape and form of the wearer, and at times the wearer is what gives the garment its shape. I often find that there’s an emotional side of myself that I’m trying to keep under control with my more logical side. The struggle between the garment and the wearer is the same as the struggle between my logical and emotional sides. Axiom uses screen printed, laser cut and self-quilted elements.”


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