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Giving Back

Wilson College Introduces 2022 Bookmarks, Begins Accepting Entries for 2023 Competition

Student holds a woven bookmark she designed. She stands outside the Wilson College of Textiles in the graduate commons.

By Sarah Stone

Woven bookmarks are in the mail and on their way across campus and all around the world. The Wilson College has given out these woven bookmarks as a keepsake since 1960. 

This tradition lies not only in receiving the bookmarks, but in making them. A competition open to students, alumni, staff and faculty determines the bookmark design each year. 

Lilly Barozzini, a junior majoring in fashion and textile design, won the 2022 bookmark design competition.

Barozzini, who is concentrating in fashion design, is a Centennial Scholar and also serves as a Dean’s Page. She shared the path to her design within last year’s theme, sustainability: 

My design inspiration truly came from seeing the beauty outside our college and what “sustains” our college. I wanted to work with our brand-color green to represent sustainability through the color story of the bookmark. As a designer, I love being inspired by our college architecture and the surrounding plants and nature. I was drawn to the wisteria trees that surround the fountain and almost appear to be growing within the college. I really wanted the bookmark to have a unique look.

Now accepting submissions for 2023 bookmark design

You have the opportunity to create a piece of Wilson College of Textiles history. The design contest for the 2023 Wilson College bookmarks is now open! 

All Wilson College faculty, staff, students and alumni are invited to submit a design around this year’s theme — Wilson For Life. 

Wilson For Life is a formalization of the college’s commitment to supporting both students and alumni throughout their career. It is made up of these four continuing initiatives: 

  • Lifetime career services. 
  • Discounts for continuing education via the Zeis Textiles Extension.
  • Career advice through an online tool called Ask the Pack. 
  • The Blend Mentorship Program. 

The winning bookmark designer will also receive a prize pack from the Wilson College of Textiles and the North Carolina Textile Foundation (pictured below, note: items may vary).

Photo of a Wilson College of Textiles prize pack on an outdoor table on the colleges campus. The prize pack features a long sleeved tshirt, pennant, mug, lunch bag, bandana and other Wilson College of Textiles branded items.

Competition Rules

Please submit your design by emailing by Jan. 31, 2023.

Design Requirements:

  • 2-4 color graphic file or simulation (jpg or tiff)
  • 50 mm x 170 mm rectangle (roughly 1.75 in. x 6.5 in. finished woven dimensions)
  • Include the year (2023.)
  • Include the words “Wilson for Life.”
  • A new icon representing Wilson for Life as part of the design (see current NC State icons here).
  • The Wilson College of Textiles logo or the words “Wilson College of Textiles” (Employees can access the acceptable logos on the intranet. Students and alumni who would like access to the logos may email
  • Use either Arial or all Univers font in your design.

You may use two to four colors in your design from the palettes below:

  • Up to 3 colors from the Core Palette and Grays Tints and Shades.
  • Up to 1 color from the Expanded Color Palette or Tints and Shades.
  • Color palettes and brand guidelines can be found here.