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Wilson for Life

The Wilson College of Textiles is committed to providing students and alumni with lifelong services for success.

As a student or alumni of the Wilson College of Textiles, you are a member of Wilson for Life. Wilson for Life is the college’s commitment to providing lifetime support to its students and alumni with differentiated, continuous and impactful learning and training, professional development and career support and worldwide networking experiences.

Wilson for Life embodies our legacy of an authentic family that supports its members (students, alumni and employees) for the entirety of their careers, regardless of their circumstances. Few, if any other public colleges or universities offer this level of commitment and support to alumni. 

What does Wilson for Life entail?

Lifetime Career Services Support

  • Continued access to ePACK job search database
  • Individual career coaching sessions as needed
  • Ongoing assistance with resume writing, job searching, interviewing and networking
  • Participation in Wilson College career fairs and other recruiting events
  • Contact: Jeff Sackaroff |

Discounts for Continuing Education via Zeis Textiles Extension

  • Zeis Textiles Extension supports Wilson College students during their academic careers through our labs and by providing training outside of their course curricula. These resources continue to be available to alumni.
  • To ensure our training courses are accessible to all our alumni, ZTE is offering a 10% discount to all Wilson College graduates who would like to take a ZTE training class to further develop their skill set and are paying for the class themselves.
  • To access the discount code, please send an email to with your degree program and graduation year. 

Connection to Successful Graduates

  • By connecting Wilson College of Textiles students and graduates, members of our Wilson Wolfpack community can tap into the college’s impressive alumni network.
  • Do you have questions? Ask the Pack!

Blend Mentorship Program

  • Our successful Wilson College of Textiles graduates have a wealth of knowledge to offer to the next generation of textile leaders. The Blend Mentorship Program connects those graduates with outstanding students who can directly benefit from their expertise.