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Meredith Corley ’14, a Talented Product Development Engineer, Joins the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council

After meeting a Wilson College of Textiles recruiter, Meredith Corley felt an instant connection to the college that has since led to her successful career as a product development engineer at Antigua Apparel.

Meredith Corley

Meredith (McKague) Corley’s senior year of high school took an unexpected turn the first day she entered her science classroom.

It was all thanks to a match, a sliver of cotton and a recruiter from NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles

“Seeing that recruiter light different types of cotton on fire was the most fascinating thing I’d ever seen,” Corley remarks. “Then, after researching the textile industry and the Wilson College, I realized it was everything I was looking for in a school.”

She would get to experience the best of both worlds: attending a large school while still enjoying a small school atmosphere, and pursuing a “non-stuffy” STEM major that would put her on the path to a successful and interesting career. 

Corley credits her bachelor’s degree in textile technology for making that possible. After she graduated in 2014, she was quickly hired as a fabric and color specialist at Spanx. In that role, she ensured that the company’s products consistently used superior colors and high-quality fabrics. 

After that position, Corley relocated from Atlanta, Georgia, to Fort Myers, Florida, to work at Chico’s in a variety of positions, including the color coordinator for Chico’s and White House Black Market, the assistant colorist at Soma, and finally as the associate manager of raw materials at Soma. 

Her career trajectory also included stops at ICO Uniforms and Carter’s Inc. before she accepted her current position as the product development engineer at Antigua Apparel. 

Outside of the workplace, Corley looks forward to sharing her talents with the Wilson College of Textiles as one of the newest Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council members. This volunteer position will allow her to provide leadership and guidance — specifically regarding alumni engagement and fundraising — to Dean David Hinks and the North Carolina Textile Foundation

Learn more about Corley’s career journey by reading her Q&A below.

Degree B.S. Textile Technology, 2014
Job Title Product Development Engineer, Antigua Apparel
Current City Atlanta, Georgia
Hometown Fayetteville, North Carolina

What is your fondest memory of being at NC State and the Wilson College of Textiles?

By my senior year, all of my classes were with a small group of people. I loved working and studying with friends who I’d been with since my first year on campus. Winning Senior Design Day with my group was a huge highlight as well! I was so proud of my team and myself after a year of hard work.

When she was a senior at the Wilson College of Textiles, Meredith Corley (right) teamed up with Shikha Singh (right) and Jordan Sorensen (center) for their Senior Design project, “Born on Date T-Shirt Tags.” Their project won during Senior Design Day in 2014.

Who influenced you most during your time at the Wilson College of Textiles? And why or how?

My textile technology classmates were a huge influence, even if they didn’t know it at the time! They were a huge help when it came to studying and projects. I always felt like we were cheering on each other’s accomplishments in the classroom, which then turned into cheering each other on when we secured jobs.

How did your education at the Wilson College of Textiles prepare you for what you are doing today?

It prepared me in every way! I love coming up with extremely specific, seemingly small changes that impact product performance in a huge way.

Without the details I learned in my classes at the Wilson College of Textiles, I wouldn’t be able to quickly and effectively communicate with our mill partners the kind of adjustments that need to be made at any stage of production.

What activities were you involved in as an NC State student and how did they impact your experience?

I was in the University Scholars Program and Greek life. These activities required academic success and community involvement, which had been pillars of my early life. I was happy to keep those throughout college. Greek Life, in particular, gave me the leadership development I needed by serving as the academic chair and in various leadership roles for my sorority. On top of that, it allowed me to form a fantastic group of friends who were the support system I needed.

In what ways are you currently involved with the Wilson College of Textiles and NC State?

I served as an interviewer for the Centennial Scholarship Program. Additionally, I am involved in the Blend Mentorship Program as a mentor, and I’m an annual donor to the Wilson College of Textiles.

To connect with Corley on LinkedIn, you can view her profile here.