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Honors and Awards

Two Outstanding Graduates Recognized with 2024 Distinguished Young Alumni Awards

Since graduating from the Wilson College of Textiles, Lonny Carter and Bryan Ormond have gone above and beyond to distinguish themselves through their professional achievements, groundbreaking research and alignment with the college’s core values.

Dr. Lonny Carter and Dr. Bryan Ormond

Wilson College of Textiles alumni continue to set the standard for success, both on campus and beyond, by showcasing their exceptional accomplishments.  

This year, the impressive contributions of two recent graduates, both of whom now serve as faculty members at their alma mater — Lonny Carter ’08, ’19, ’22 and Bryan Ormond ’07, ’12 — have earned them top honors. 

In recognition of their professional achievements, groundbreaking research and alignment with the college’s core values, Ormond and Carter were named the esteemed recipients of the 2024 Distinguished Young Alumni Awards. 

Established by the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council (DYALC) in 2021, the Distinguished Young Alumni Awards program recognizes graduates under the age of 40 who have made significant contributions to the textile industry and their communities.

“We were blown away by Dr. Carter’s and Dr. Ormond’s bodies of work, which include exceptional teaching, research and professional commitments,” says Matthew Iezzi ’18,’19, chair of the DYALC’s awards committee. “They are wonderful representatives of the talented minds that the Wilson College of Textiles helps to shape as students, alumni and now faculty.” 

The DYALC works to promote the Wilson College of Textiles and the college’s fundraising arm, the North Carolina Textile Foundation, and foster engagement among young alumni.

Meet the Recipients of the 2024 Wilson College of Textiles Distinguished Young Alumni Awards

Lonny Carter ’08, ’19, ’22
B.S. Fashion and Textile Management (2008), Master of Textiles (2019) and Ph.D. Textile Technology Management (2022)

Lonny Carter’s natural penchant for compassion and problem-solving has contributed to the critical safety of an often-forgotten population within the textile industry: incarcerated individuals. Her patented, life-saving LifeLine® Crossback Smock design reduces the chance of self harm, and it has been used in over 200 correctional and mental health facilities across the United States. Due to her extensive expertise, Carter has served as a faculty member at a wide variety of institutions, including Meredith College and Campbell University’s Lundy-Fetterman School of Business. Her commitment to learning and academic excellence led her back to her alma mater, the Wilson College of Textiles, in 2023 to further amplify her passion for teaching. Today, she proudly serves as a teaching assistant professor in the Department of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management.

Bryan Ormond ’07, ’12
B.S. Polymer and Color Chemistry (2008), and Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science (2012)

Bryan Ormond’s favorite topic to discuss is his students and the life-changing research they are conducting. Since graduating from the Wilson College of Textiles, Ormond has secured more than $12 million dollars in research funding to address the many issues facing firefighters, members of the military and first responders. Most recently, his work with the Textile Protection and Comfort Center (TPACC) focused on the exposure of carcinogens that first responders face in the field as well as within their gear. Through research, testing and evaluation, Ormond and his students aim to improve the protective performance and comfort of textiles, ensuring that those in the field have access to high quality gear that enhances their safety. Additionally, Ormond’s passion for helping others extends to education and advocacy in honor of those living with Down syndrome.