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First-year Course Registration

We are excited that you have chosen NC State University to be your home. This site will help guide you through the registration process for your Fall semester classes. Your access to course registration will begin on Thursday, June 1, 2023 at 8:00 a.m.. While it is not imperative to register immediately, it’s important to register as soon as possible in order to have the best selection of courses. Please complete your course registration no later than Friday, June 16.


All new Wilson College of Textiles students should complete the Math and Chemistry Placement Tests prior to enrolling in classes to ensure you select the appropriate math and/or chemistry courses. Information on Placement Tests can be found here; these placement tests should be completed by May 19, 2023. The placement tests will be open after this date, but taking them later than this may delay your ability to register for a math or chemistry course.

  1. Read instructions on using the student information system (MyPack Portal) and view the Enrolling into a Course video.
  2. Login to MyPack Portal using your Unity ID and password.
  3. Click on the “Planning and Enrollment” tile.
  4. Select “Enrollment Wizard” from the list on the left-hand side of the page.
  5. Click on your intended major below for instructions on selecting appropriate courses, and then begin adding classes to your shopping cart in MyPack Portal. Recommended classes to register for have been placed as “Planner Courses” on your “Add to Cart” tab, and you can search for individual sections of these classes by selecting “Search Filter Options.”
    You can place course sections into your shopping cart prior to June 1, but you cannot officially enroll in them until that date, when your Term Advisement Hold will be removed.
  6. Make note of any warnings that indicate you may not be able to add a certain class. You will have to hover over the symbol with your cursor in order to view details. Example:
  7. On June 1, enroll in the classes you’ve placed in your shopping cart. If you are unable to enroll in certain classes, pay attention to the error message explaining why you may need to select a different course or a different section. More details on error messages are included in this FAQs below. Sometimes, you’ll have the option to waitlist a course. It’s okay to do this, but be sure to identify other courses you might register for instead in case you do not get into the class you’re on the waitlist for.
  • Note: You will likely see some courses already on your course schedule when you go to enroll. Do NOT remove these courses without communicating with your advisor (contact information below). These courses were added to your schedule because they are required for your intended major and should be taken your first semester.

Course Recommendations by Major

Additional Resources

Wilson College of Textiles Plans and Requirements by Major  – use this page to see a list of required courses for your major, read course descriptions, and view a suggested 8-semester sequence of requirements. Keep in mind that while you’ll be required to meet all listed requirements, your schedule will look different each semester than what is listed.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Student Self-Registration

If you run into issues or questions while you are enrolling in courses, please review these FAQs first. The answer to your question is likely answered here. If you still have questions, please reach out to your academic advisor (contact information below).

You’ve likely been pre-enrolled in certain classes that are required for your intended major and should be taken your first semester. Do NOT change or remove these courses from your schedule without communicating with your advisor first. Changing these courses could put you off-sequence for your major requirements.

If you receive an error message, it is important to read the message to understand why you may not be able to add that particular course or section. Here are some common error messages you may see:

  • Available seats are reserved: some classes/departments reserve seats for students in particular majors, minors or colleges. If you’re trying to add a non-Textiles class and you receive this error message, you will need to try to find a different section of the course or a different course all together. Sometimes departments will release reserved seats throughout the summer or when classes begin, so it’s possible you can add the course later, but you should go ahead and find an alternate section or course that is available.
  • Class is full: the section of the course you are trying to add is full; you should look for an alternate section of the course or a different course that is available.
    • TIP: Check the “Waitlist OK” button when trying to enroll. Even if a class is full, it may be available for waitlist. Not all classes offer a waitlist option, but if you click this button it will add you to the waitlist if one is available.
  • Requisite not met: the course you are trying to add has stated prerequisites or corequisites that you have not met. Click on the course in the Enrollment Wizard to view the prerequisites/corequisites.
    • Example: CH 101 (lecture) and CH 102 (lab) are corequisites (they must be taken together). You must have open sections of both courses in your Shopping Cart at the same time before you hit “Enroll” or you will get this error message.
    • Example: MA 131 requires a student to place into the course using the Math Placement Exam or successful completion of MA 107. If you try to enroll in MA 131 but only placed into MA 107 (or didn’t take the placement exam) you will get this error message. 
    • If you have completed the stated prerequisites as Dual Enrollment and/or AP/IB, those credits must be in the NC State system before you will be allowed to register for the next level course. If you are still waiting for those credits to arrive, you will likely need to wait to register for the higher level class. 
  • NOTE: advisors in Wilson College of Textiles cannot add you to courses taught in other other colleges (example: Economics, Math, Chemistry, etc.) You will need to follow the tips above based on the error message you receive.

If you are certain you will receive credit for the course you’re enrolled in, then you will not need to take the class again. It is best practice to verify with your advisor that your anticipated credits will satisfy your degree requirements before dropping the class from your schedule.

  • Undergraduate Admissions provides information on AP/IB Credits and houses a Transfer Course Database; you can use these tools to help determine how your credits will transfer.
  • If you haven’t already done so, you should request official score reports from College Board or official transcripts from your previous institutions be sent to Undergraduate Admissions to have these credits awarded to your NC State record.

Half of incoming freshmen take ENG 101 in the fall; the other half will take it in the spring. If it is not recommended for you on the Pack Planner, you should plan to take this course in the spring.

Yes, you can return to MyPack Portal at any time to update your course selections. Keep in mind that many other incoming students are also registering for courses in June and July, so it is possible that certain classes may no longer be available after your initial self-registration. Also, remember to check with your advisor before making changes to your schedule beyond the listed recommendations for your major.

If you decide you want to SWAP sections of one class for another section of the same course, you can do that by following these directions:

  • First add the new preferred section to your Shopping Cart. Then click the “Swap” icon next to the class in your cart. From the drop-down menu, select the class you wish to swap out. Click Save. Swapping gives you the option to change your schedule without having to drop and add classes.

Many seats in E 115 are reserved for current Engineering students. If you want to request enrollment in restricted sections, please visit this website: It provides details about the course and provides a link to submit an enrollment request if you cannot enroll on your own. Please note: enrollment requests for Fall are often not reviewed until late July so you may not hear about your request right away. Please be patient.

All Wilson College majors require the completion of a 100-level calculus (either MA-131 or MA-141) and CH-101/102, and all students are encouraged to complete at least their 100-level calculus requirement within their first year at NC State. However, before students are able to register for these courses, they must first complete the math and chemistry placement tests in order to determine the appropriate courses to start with, as MyPack Portal will not permit students to register for calculus or chemistry without the appropriate placement scores or prerequisites.

For some students, their math placement score will indicate that they must first complete precalculus (MA-107 or MA-111) before attempting a 100-level calculus at NC State. Similarly, some students’ chemistry placement score will indicate a need to first complete NC State’s preparatory chemistry, CH-111, before attempting CH-101/102. As a result, completing the math and chemistry placement tests are essential to determining what math and chemistry courses a student should start with to be successful.

Students who have already scored 3 or higher on an AP exam for Calculus and/or Chemstry, or who have already completed a college-level Calculus or Chemsitry course do not need to take the placement tests. If you are still waiting on AP scores to be determined, we recommend you take the placement tests by the stated deadline.

Each semester leading up to course registration, a Term Advisement Hold is placed on students’ MyPack Portal accounts to ensure that they receive guidance from their assigned academic advisors regarding appropriate courses to register for given their intended major(s) and progress toward their major(s).

For incoming first-year students, this First-Year Course Registration website serves the above mentioned purpose of providing advising guidance, and it’s for this reason that your Term Advisement Hold will be automatically removed the day you are able to start registering for Fall semester classes: June 1. As a result, there is nothing you need to do in order to have this hold removed leading up to Fall 2023 registration aside from reviewing the resources on this website.

Questions? Contact your academic advisor.