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We are committed to helping undergraduate students fulfill their potential by working with them to find accurate academic information, impactful learning opportunities and solutions to challenges they may face.

All Wilson College of Textiles undergraduate students are required to meet with their assigned academic advisor at least one time per semester to discuss registration and enrollment for the following term and remove the advisement hold. Students are encouraged to meet with their advisor more frequently if desired or if they have questions. Advisor assignments and contact information can be found in MyPack Portal under the Planning and Enrollment Tile. Your advisor should inform you how to schedule appointments with them.

Academic Advisor and Student Expectations

Academic Advisor Expectations

  1. Provide Informed Support. Advisors should:
    1. Make advisees feel comfortable coming to them for assistance
    2. Support students by suggesting ways to help them meet their goals
  2. Know the Curriculum, Academic Policies, and Resources. Advisors should:
    1. Understand curriculum requirements and university policies
    2. Understand how and when to make referrals to appropriate campus resources
  3. Be Accessible, Responsive, and Proactive. Students are required to meet with their advisor once/semester for Registration Advising. Advisors should:
    1. Let advisees know how to reach them
    2. Respond to emails in a timely manner
    3. Be proactive in keeping up with their advisees periodically throughout the term, particularly those in academic difficulty

Student Expectations in Academic Advising

  1. Be an active participant in the advising relationship
    1. Keep advisor informed of academic progress and challenges that arise
    2. Take notes during their advising sessions
    3. Follow through on actions discussed during advising sessions
    4. Respond to advising-related emails in a timely manner
  2. Accept responsibility for their decisions and actions
    1. Students are ultimately responsible for their academic progress and must understand curriculum requirements and policies
  3. Ask questions when they arise