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Wilson College of Textiles by the Numbers – Fall 2021

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Enrollment by Major

MajorEnrolled # Enrolled %NC #NC %Out-of-State # Out-of-State % Int’l# Int’l %Tier 1/2 # *Tier 1/2 %Female # Female %Male #Male %
Fashion and Textile Design10213.3%9795.1%54.9%00%1514.7%%9492.2%87.8%
Fashion and Textile Management44858.41%41191.7%337.4%40.9%8418.7%40590.4%439.6%
Polymer and Color Chemistry638.21%6095.2%23.2%11.6%1523.8%3961.9%2438.1%
Textile Engineering688.87%5682.3%1014.7%22.9%710.3%4363.2%2536.8%
Textile Technology8410.95%7488.1%56.0%56.0%1113.1%5059.5%3440.5%
Textiles, Undeclared20.26%2100%00.0%00.0%0 0.0% 150.0%150.0%
Engineering First Year – Textile Engineering Intent 14 12 2 0 3 10 4
  • EFY -TEI are not included in Wilson College’s official enrollment. They are counted in the College of Engineering’s official enrollment.
  • Tier 1/2 are from North Carolina counties outside of metropolitan areas

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Enrollment by Race

RaceFTD #FTD %*FTM #FTM %*PCC # PCC %*TE #TE %*TT #TT %*TU #TU %*EFY:TEI #**Total #Total %
American Indian/Alaska Native00%10.2%00%00%0 0% 00%010.1%
Black/African American87.8%235.1%11.5%45.8%910.7%00%1455.8%
Native Hawaiian/Other Pacific Islander10.9%10.2%00%00%00%00%020.2%
Not Specified21.9%40.8%11.5%22.9%22.3%00%0111.4%
Two or more races10.9%204.4%34.7%57.3%00%00%0293.7%
  • *Percent within each major
  • **EFY-TEI are not included in Wilson College’s official enrollment. They are counted in the College of Engineering’s official enrollment.

FTD = Fashion and Textile Design
FTM = Fashion and Textile Management
PCC = Polymer and Color Chemistry
TE = Textile Engineering
TT = Textile Technology
TU = Textiles, Undeclared
EFY:TEI = Engineering First Year: Textile Engineering Intent

CODA 2020-2021

Wilson College MajorsTotal InTotal Out
Fashion and Textile Design 10
Fashion and Textile Management288
Polymer and Color Chemistry65
Textile Engineering252
Textile Technology92
Textiles, Undeclared04
  • The Change of Degree Application (CODA) is NC State’s centralized process for applying to add or change majors.
  • Total In = Total number of students who changed from a major outside of Wilson College to a major in Wilson College.
  • Total Out = Total number of Wilson College students who changed to a major outside of Wilson College.
CollegeCODA From Wilson CollegeCODA Into Wilson College
College of Agriculture and Life Sciences12
College of Design01
College of Education20
College of Engineering206
College of Humanities and Social Sciences44
Poole College of Management44
College of Natural Resources03
College of Sciences51
University College Exploratory Studies270
Intra-College Transfer 2N/A
Wilson College of Textiles40
  • Students in Textiles, Undeclared must complete the CODA process to matriculate into Textile Engineering.
  • CODA Into Textiles = Number of students who changed from a major in the listed colleges to a major in Wilson College.
  • CODA Out of Textiles = Number of students who changed from a Wilson College major to one in the listed colleges.

Undergraduate Graduation Rates

  • The standard cohort is fall semester, first-time-in-college (FTIC) full-time first-year students.

Fall 2021 Undergraduate Admissions

GroupAppliedAdmittedEnrolledIn-State EnrolledOut-of-State EnrolledInt’l EnrolledStudents of Color EnrolledMale EnrolledFemale Enrolled1st Generation College Students EnrolledTier 1* Tier 2* Tier 3*
First Year41230113711917125171202092981
  • *Tier 1/2 are from North Carolina counties outside of metropolitan areas. Tier 3 are from North Carolina metropolitan areas.

First-year Middle 50%

4.01 – 4.403.61 – 3.9211% – 25%1160 – 132027 – 30

Transfer Middle 50%

Transfer GPATransfer Credits AttemptedTransfer Credits Earned
3.12 – 3.8132 – 6632 – 66

2021-2022 Scholarships

Scholarship# Students
Total AwardsTotal Value
Average Value
Per Student
North Carolina Textile Foundation (NCTF)147200$1,032,638$5163.19
Centennial Scholarships (NCTF funded)3535$548,788 $15,679.66
Textile Pioneer Scholarships (NCTF funded)66$82,000 $13,666.67
Non-NCTF Funded4250$305,117 $6,102.34
Park Scholarship44$86,975 $21,743.75
Goodnight Scholarship44$80,197 $20,049.25
Total189250$1,337,755 $5,351.02

2019-2021 Study Abroad

DepartmentFall 2019Spring 2020Summer 2020Fall 2020Spring 2021Summer 2021Fall 2021
Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management (FTD, FTM)73800100
Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (PCC, TE, TT)0200000
Textiles, Undeclared0100000
Number of Different Programs3900100
  • Due to COVID-19, there were international travel restrictions for Summer 2020, Fall 2020, Spring 2021, Summer 2021, Fall 2021

Career Outcomes

YearEmployed within 6 months of graduationContinuing EducationOverall Success RateKnowledge Rate

Fall 2021 Graduate Enrollment by Major

ProgramEnrolled # Enrolled %Female # Female % Male # Male % U.S. # U.S. %Int’l # Int’l %
M.S. Textile Chemistry147.7%1071%429%857.%643%
M.S. Textile Engineering3519.3%2057%1543%1851%1749%
Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science8446.4%5060%3440%2024%6476%
Ph.D. Textile Technology Management4826.5%3062%1838%2144%2756%

Fall 2021 Graduate Enrollment by Race

RaceM.S. Textile ChemistryM.S. Textile EngineeringPh.D. Fiber and Polymer SciencePh.D. Textile Technology Management
Black/African American03110
Not Specified361814
Two or more races0210

Fall 2021 Graduate Admissions

ProgramAppliedAdmittedEnrolledFemale EnrolledMale EnrolledU.S. EnrolledInt’l EnrolledStudents of Color Enrolled
M.S. Textile Chemistry1313642330
M.S. Textile Engineering28221578961
Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science45281091371
Ph.D. Textile Technology Management45361073372