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Explore ePACK

As you’ll discover, ePACK is the single best resource for Wilson College of Textiles students to manage their career development.

Through it, students can search for job and internships, RSVP for workshops and career events, schedule career-counseling appointments, research employers and explore career paths. Wilson College of Textiles students have access to ePACK from their first day of classes until one year after graduation (alumni wishing to extend their access beyond a year can do so via the NC State Alumni Association).

ePACK Frequently Asked Questions

No, there is no action required on your part to use ePACK. As an enrolled student, you can simply log in with your Unity ID and password to get started.

Your profile and resume should be updated each semester to ensure all of your information is accurate. Please watch the Your Profile and Uploading Documents video to learn how.

There are numerous ways you can search the database: by job title, employer, key word, major, location and industry, to name a few.  The Searching for Jobs/Internships video will outline how to best search for opportunities.

ePACK has a built-in machine learning capability that gets more accurate as your usage of the system increases.  It will recommend jobs in your feed based on previous, related searches.  However, like any search engine, it will sometimes include results that miss the mark.  While it’s expected to have some erroneous results from time to time, this should not be the norm.  If you continue to have issues after watching the job searching tutorial video (see question above), please contact the Wilson College of Textiles Career Services Office.

Yes, you can research employers by various ways, such as industry, previous recruiting activity, location, etc. You can also look up recruiter contact information. Watch the Researching Employers/Contacts video to learn more.

In January 2018, the Wilson College of Textiles joined the rest of NC State University in adopting the ePACK system. As a result, all of the jobs and internships that would’ve previously been added to the bulletin board instead get posted to ePACK. Students now have instant access to Textiles-related jobs and internships whenever they want it, without having to leave home.

Though students are encouraged to utilize every resource possible when searching for jobs/internships, ePACK should undoubtedly be your first go-to. It will have more opportunities for Wilson College of Textiles students than any other online resource.