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A Face Mask

TPACC Testing Capabilities for COVID-19 Face Masks and Materials

Welcome to the Textile Protection And Comfort Center (TPACC).

Located in the North Carolina State University Wilson College of Textiles, TPACC incorporates a comprehensive infrastructure of equipment and personnel to address the need for integrated investigations on all aspects of the protection and comfort of clothing. TPACC is a broad base facility with unique scientific abilities that permit scientific evaluations of comfort and protection from fabric swatch level all the way to full ensemble systems.

TPACC, a world leader in laboratory based instrumented systems, has facilities devoted to analysis of heat and flame protectionchemical resistance, and comfort performance. Comparative testing is routinely conducted on materials and clothing systems using procedures found in various standard test methods. Additionally, non-standard test protocols are utilized with appropriate procedures and instrumentation while new methods and instrumentation are developed to address the evaluation needs for specific end use or wear scenarios.

TPACC is comprised of highly skilled professional and technical personnel with a proven performance record in fundamental research, method and instrument development, and in providing testing services to both industry and government clients. The acquired knowledge of TPACC personnel spans various areas of textile materials science and engineering required for the measurement and analysis of textile comfort and protection. TPACC personnel participate in ASTM and ISO committees involved in the development of standards for measurement of textile comfort properties and protective performance. Additionally, the Mannequin Men assist with meeting project goals and are an important component of the TPACC core team.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to discuss how our research and testing capabilities can serve your needs for attaining company goals.

Contact us and let us know how we can help you move your projects forward.