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Month: April 2017

Russell Gorga

Apr 28, 2017

In Russell Gorga’s Classroom, There is Never One Right Answer

What makes Dr. Russell Gorga an effective teacher? The ability to communicate difficult concepts in understandable ways; commitment to the education of the whole person; and an irrepressible enthusiasm for teaching and mentoring. Those traits have earned Gorga the honor of being named an Alumni Association Distinguished Undergraduate Professor for 2017. 

Joinesa and Jur

Apr 28, 2017

Two Wilson College Faculty Recognized for Outstanding Extension Efforts

Two faculty were recognized April 26 for their respective outreach efforts on behalf of the College of Textiles. Dr Jeffrey Joines and Dr. Jesse Jur both received Outstanding Extension Service Awards. 

Global Symposium in Prague

Apr 20, 2017

Faculty Expand Partnerships in Prague Including Program for Textiles Students

A group of 12 NC State faculty members, including Liz Moran of the College of Textiles, spent spring break in the Czech Republic for the Global Symposium in Prague. The program, facilitated by the Office of International Affairs, was designed to explore international activities at NC State’s Prague Institute […] 

Ed Stack

Apr 20, 2017

The Lifelong Power of the Pack

When Ed Stack (B.S.,Textile Management ‘92) reflects on the influences that shaped him, three rise to the top: his mom, his dad and NC State. It was during his undergraduate years that he made connections and developed friendships that would impact every corner of his life. Learn why Stack says “Everything that I’ve done since I was 18, I owe back to NC State." 

Roger Barker

Apr 20, 2017

Roger Barker Honored for His Work Protecting Firefighters

Dr. Roger L. Barker, director of the Textile Protection and Comfort Center at the College of Textiles, was awarded the 2017 Bruce W. Teele Excellence Award for his commitment to improving the health and safety of firefighters around the world. 

Dye Library

Apr 12, 2017

Researchers Release First Chemical Map of Dyes from Historic Dye Library

The first chemical “map” of dyes from the Max A. Weaver Dye Library has been released. The information could assist researchers in developing dyes with desirable properties. 

Bill Harazin

Apr 10, 2017

Bill Harazin Named International Trade Educator of the Year

William D. Harazin, teaching associate professor, Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management department, was named the 2017 International Trade Educator of the Year by the board of governors of NASBITE International. Harazin was recognized for his long-term commitment to international business education. 

Delisia Matthews

Apr 6, 2017

Outstanding Teacher Delisia Matthews Shares Lessons from Life

Dr. Delisia R. Matthews, assistant professor in the College of Textiles’ department of Textile and Apparel, Technology and Management (TATM), was recently selected as a university-level recipient of the 2017 Outstanding Teacher Award. She was one of 17 recipients across NC State. 

Textile Fashion Exposé

Apr 6, 2017

Fashion Exposé

For two decades, the annual Fashion Exposé runway show has given College of Textiles students — and the wider Triangle design community — a spotlight for their talent and tenacity. 


Apr 4, 2017

Textile Student’s Project Looks at Composting Cotton Waste From Campus Labs

In order to reduce waste sent to landfills, NC State University already composts uneaten food, compostable packaging and even paper towels. So why not cotton, too?