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Susannah Grover

Susannah Grover

Susannah Grover, Waxhaw, N.C., graduated from Marvin Ridge High School. She has been awarded the Charles and Lucy Little Centennial Scholarship and will study Fashion and Textile Management.

Susannah has taken Advanced Placement courses, including English language and composition, U.S. History, Spanish, and English literature and composition. She participated in a variety of activities including Young Life Club, Walk for Water and National Honors Society. She mentored fourth-grade girls at her church and was an Ambassador for Education First Tours Spain Trip. She also volunteered for Mission of Hope, where she traveled to Haiti for three summers. There she developed new block homes and planted trees for fresh produce. Susannah enjoys fitness classes, art, and sketching and designing outfits.

Susannah says that she has known since her junior year of high school that the NC State Wilson College of Textiles was where she wanted to attend school. “I attended the STEP program, offered by the Wilson College of Textiles, with the focus on Fashion Business. My professor talked about her experience in the world of Fashion Merchandising. The idea of one day having a career like hers, not only intrigued me, but also had me ecstatic about the possibilities ahead–especially the opportunities that NC State and a degree in Fashion Textiles Management would offer,” she says.

Susannah feels she has found the perfect fit at NC State and is excited to take advantage of all the opportunities the scholarship will provide to her. “It’s hard to express just exactly what this award means to me, but if I had to sum it up the Centennial Scholarship is the culmination of my life’s accomplishments to this point. Receiving this scholarship has given me an abundance of opportunities and resources to experience success in both my studies and my future career,” Susannah says.

Susannah says she has been surrounded by creativity and drawn to visual beauty for as long as she can remember. She looks forward to continuing to pursue her passions through her studies at NC State in Fashion and Textile Management and hopes to become a buyer upon graduation.

“I am forever grateful to be a part of the Centennial Scholars program and look forward to all the opportunities it brings,” she says.

Written by Mary Margaret Lyle