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A Myriad of Opportunities

Students in Talley

By: Loren Strong

Every semester, NC State welcomes a host of talented transfer students into its Wolfpack family. These students come from a myriad of backgrounds and employ their talents and bright minds to not only further their education, but to enrich the NC State community as well. The students who join the Wilson College of Textiles are no less esteemed. Whether it is to design versatile fabrics or to create the next face mask, the transfer students of NC State persevere as trendsetters and trailblazers. 

In addition to serving as director of academic services at Wilson College of Textiles, Heather Lyerly also provides academic advising to transfer students who are incoming to the college. Lyerly commented that NC State aims to ensure that its transfer students make a seamless transition into the Wolfpack community, and she offered several words of advice and encouragement. Furthermore, she recommends that incoming students take advantage of the host of opportunities Wilson College has to offer. In addition to its career services, Wilson College pioneers a robust tutoring center that offers aid for nearly all subjects. Several yearly scholarships are available to transfer students to supplement financial aid. Wilson College also strives to prioritize diversity and inclusion within its community so that its students may celebrate their heritages and feel at home.

Lyerly also recommended that transfer students get plugged into not only the student organizations that are available, but the classroom as well. “It’s important to start networking,” Lyerly enthusiastically said of the class environment. “Your classmates today will be your colleagues [in the industry] later.”

From the Students Themselves

Carter Davenport

Current transfer students had much to say about their experiences thus far at NC State. Carter Davenport, a senior majoring in textile technology, transferred to Wilson College in the Fall 2018 semester shortly after completing a year of community college. 

“The transition was very smooth,” Davenport said of his arrival. “The academic advisors at the Wilson College of Textiles were very helpful in making sure all my classes were transferred for credit where possible, and that I had all the information needed to plan out my remaining courses.”

Davenport was driven to choose NC State because he wanted the opportunity to translate his STEM background into an academic career that would allow him to eventually work with athletic apparel and footwear. He found that his professors consistently strove to personally relate to their students as well as to ensure their success, a connection that comforted him even in the most rigorous classes.  Davenport also participated in a wide variety of labs and clubs. “My most notable experiences have been as a lab assistant in the weaving lab at the Wilson College of Textiles, being a member of Phi Psi National Textile Fraternity, and Intramural basketball,” he recounted. “Each of these experiences provided me with new and fun experiences, and plenty of opportunities to make both casual and professional lasting connections.”

Davenport had words of encouragement to offer to students interested in transferring to Wilson College. “To prospective transfer students, I would say that upon transferring to NC State, you can expect to receive a high-level education and a welcoming and inclusive environment in which you will have endless opportunities to meet new friends.”

Bailey Loban

Bailey Loban, a senior in fashion and textile management, started her Wolfpack journey in spring 2018. As a junior at another university, Loban realized that she was unhappy with her field of study. After a few semesters, she made the life-changing decision to return to Raleigh and attend NC State’s Wilson College of Textiles.

I transfered to [NC] State for a handful of reasons,” she said. “While I took a couple semesters off from school, I was figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I’d always been interested in fashion and knew that [NC] State had a fashion and textiles program.”

Like many other transfer students, Loban was initially concerned that her nontraditional path would hinder her university experience. “My transition to [NC] State was pretty seamless, but I was a little insecure and anxious about starting over at a new university that I wasn’t super familiar with,” she said. “When I transferred, I was … a bit older than many of my classmates, so it felt awkward at times making friends because I’m older and kind of already had that ‘college experience.’” 

Loban was surprised to find that she not only found her desired field of study, but a host of friends within her program as well. 

“For any students considering transferring to NC State, I say do it!” Loban advised. “NC State is a great school and has such a unique community of different types of people. If you’re a creative, I definitely think it’s the campus for you — I’ve had the pleasure of surrounding myself with so many innovative, kind and passionate people who’ve helped me in so many ways.”

Also a fashion and textile management senior, Paxton Howard became a part of the Wolfpack community in August 2018, and like many other students, he found the transition to be smooth and pleasant. The transfer student orientation allowed for himnto get acquainted with his peers even before classes started. “Meeting other transfer students at orientation also made the process easier. I knew a few faces on the first day of class and also had them as resources to reach out to during the registration process.”

Wanting to pursue a career in fashion, Howard was compelled to attend NC State when she learned of its impressive textiles program.

“My advice would be to connect with as many students as possible during orientation,” he said. “They will be going through the same process as you, and you can help each other navigate a new school. Also, connect with the professors as well and don’t be afraid to get involved in school organizations even if you’re an older student like myself.”

Wilson College of Textiles aspires to ensure that its transfer students not only find academic success but develop themselves as well-rounded individuals so that they can make a lasting impact in the industries they will one day enter. No matter where a student is from or their stage in their academic career, the college continually cultivates a community that is welcoming to students of all walks of life. Prospective Wolfpack students can learn more about the admissions process by visiting Wilson College’s transfer admissions website.