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Getting to Know Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder: 2021-2022 Provost’s Fellowship Recipient

Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder

By Debbie Willmschen

Nur-Us-Shafa Mazumder, recipient of the 2021-2022 Provost’s Fellowship, is excited to join the fiber and polymer science (FPS) program as a doctoral student at the Wilson College of Textiles this fall.

Originally from Feni, Bangladesh, Mazumder completed his Bachelor of Science in textile technology from the Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and his Master of Science in apparel design and production from Oklahoma State University.

Mazumder discussed his research plans and how the Provost’s Fellowship will provide support during the first year of his doctoral studies.

Wilson College: What led you to select Wilson College for your doctoral work?

Mazumder: I’ve known the reputation of Wilson College as a pioneer in textile education and research since my undergraduate studies, and I dreamed of joining the program here. No other university provides the opportunity of researching fiber and polymer with an emphasis in textiles as Wilson College does. I am excited for the opportunity to join this community. 

Wilson College: Talk about your research and how you first became interested in this area of study.

Mazumder: I like the technical applications of textiles, and protective textiles is one of the major branches of technical textiles. During my master’s studies, I learned about the shortcomings in bunker gear that firefighters and first responders must face, which led me to research on protective textiles. I worked on predictive research regarding the deterioration over time of the performance of the outer layer of fabrics that are used in firefighters’ bunker gear. I believe that this research can help to develop an accurate predicting model, which can lead to predicting successfully the performance of the bunker gear and, therefore, might help to reduce the number of firefighters’ burn injuries.

I want to continue this type of research related to solving problems in the performance of  protective clothing. Working at the Textile Protective and Comfort Center (TPACC) on protective textiles is one of the primary reasons for my interest in pursuing a Ph.D. at Wilson College. My goal is to complete my research on protective textiles under the advice of Dr. Bryan Ormond

Wilson College: How will the Provost’s Fellowship provide support during this journey?

Mazumder: Any award is a personal investment. It is an honor that I was recommended for the Provost’s Fellowship. And it comes with responsibility to follow through with producing great work during my doctoral study. With the financial support from the Provost’s Fellowship, I have the freedom to concentrate on finalizing my research topic and starting my research from the beginning of my time here.

Wilson College: What advice would you give to other incoming doctoral students for ways to seek support or become involved in programs here at Wilson College?

Mazumder: The doctoral program at Wilson College is a diverse program that offers research in all aspects of textiles. I would advise students to seek out their interest and start their research during their bachelor and master’s studies. Research experiences definitely help open opportunities. Also, try to publish your research work and present work at conferences, which proves your particular interest in your respective field. I would say stay focused, be motivated and proceed according to your plan, and you will definitely find opportunities. 

Wilson College: As you begin this journey, do you have any expectations or hopes for your long-term career goals?

Mazumder: I am excited to work within the diverse community of Wilson College. In addition to progressing in my research goals, I want to learn from this multi-cultural community. During my time here, I hope to become involved in different organizations along with my research work, which will help me strengthen my leadership skills.