Fashion and Textile Design

Summer at the Lorenzo de’ Medici Institute

Over forty years of experience have made Lorenzo de’ Medici (LdM) one of the most distinctive and well-established study abroad institutions in Europe. Many Wilson College students choose LdM because of the variety of FTD electives this institution offers, as well as it’s proximity to many  fashion houses such as Gucci, Ferragamo and the Pitti Palace. Students can choose from different courses in 38 subject areas, which are taught in English.

Note: this summer program is NOT affiliated with the NC State group program sponsored by the University Scholars Program, Italy: History and Italian Studies in Florence​. 

Course Options:

  • Principles of Fashion Photography (FTD elective)
  • Florence Sketchbook (FTD elective)
  • Interior Design (FTD elective)
  • Italian Food and Culture: Pairing Food & Wine (GEP)
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