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Our Fashion and Textile Design program stays small so you can do big things: 32 students with a portfolio review. A “study abroad-friendly” semester is built into your junior year. Pack your bags for countries like France, the Czech Republic, Australia, China and Italy. It feels like you’re actually working in the industry with your use of the latest technology! Your professors energize you and push you to new limits.

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The program melds aesthetic, functional, technical, and expressive appeal, combine cutting edge technologies with traditional design sensitivities, and use of the newest fibers and processes to create innovative textiles and the fashions and other products that use them.



Application Process

Students must apply to NC State University, selecting Fashion and Textile Design as a first choice major. The application deadline for FTD is October 15th. In addition to your application for admission to the university, which includes high school credentials, standardized test scores, and application fee, the FTD program requires the online submission of an essay question response and a portfolio with 10 images of your creative work. These items must be submitted via WolfPAW no later than November 1st. A link to the College of Textiles Essay and Portfolio will appear on the left side of the application home page after you’ve selected Fashion and Textile Design as an intended major.


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The FTD admissions review process requires a representative sampling of your creative work completed within the past 3 years. Applicants must submit 10 portfolio images of work with labels and descriptions. Descriptions are additional commentary that gives reviewers further insight into your motivation, ideas, thought process, and/or the issues addressed by your work. You may not submit more than 10 items for review in your portfolio. Read more about image formatting and uploading instructions.


Selected applicants will be invited to on-campus interviews that will take place late January or early February. During the interviews, applicants will be asked to discuss their work as well as other character indicators such as: diversity, collaboration, leadership potential, independent thinking, ability to explain and critically evaluate work, and motivation to create objects that solve human needs.

Fashion and Textile Design is a Bachelor of Science program that requires students to complete math and science courses in addition to design studios and labs. A strong math and science background is important for admission to and success in this program. For this reason, applicants are encouraged to take courses such as chemistry and college preparatory math while in high school.

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Fashion Design

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Textile Design

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Learning Outcomes


For answers to questions about the admissions process, please contact:

Students with last names A-L:
Heather M. Lyerly
Associate Director of Advising and Admissions
College of Textiles
(919) 515-1177

Students with last names M-Z:
Michael J. Lee
Academic Advisor
College of Textiles
(919) 515-8691

Want to Apply?

Contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for an application or you may apply online.

Office of Undergraduate Admissions
North Carolina State University
Campus Box 7103
Raleigh, NC 27695-7103


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