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Colby Hopper

Colby Hopper

Colby Hopper of Raleigh, N.C., graduated from Leesville Road High School. She was awarded the Jacques Weber Centennial Scholarship and will study Fashion and Textile Design.

Colby has taken Advanced Placement courses, including environmental science and psychology, and CTE Advanced Studies in apparel. She participated in a variety of activities including CCSA 2016 Fashion Show, FCCLA, Scrapbook Committee, National Honors Society, both LRHS Beach Club Volleyball and HS volleyball, and the Greenchair Project. She was awarded the Presidential Service Award recognizing her love of helping others. Colby enjoys volleyball, photography, and going to zoos and museums and traveling to unique places.

Colby plans to continue her involvement and leadership as she transitions to NC State. When asked what being a Centennial Scholar meant to her, Colby replied, “To me, being a Centennial Scholar means being an active member of my community, whether that’s in the Wilson College of Textiles, or the University as a whole. As a scholar, I feel a need to uphold myself to a higher level of responsibility, as well as character and judgement around campus, whether that means being a leader or a role model.”

Aside from her numerous visits to tour the Wilson College of Textiles, Colby participated in STEP, the Summer Textiles Exploration Program camp. “STEP at NC State gave me a very intimate look into what it would be like as a student at the Wilson College of Textiles, and after that experience, NC State was locked in as my #1 choice,” she says.

During her time at NC State, Colby plans to take advantage of the access to educational opportunities provided by her scholarship. “In the future I plan to take my enrichment funds, provided by the Centennial Scholarship, to travel and study abroad to further my knowledge in  my designated textile degree,” she says.

Written by Mary Margaret Lyle