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Mission, Vision and Core Values

TATM Mission Statement

The TATM Department will foster an inspiring, student-centered learning and research environment to shape the new world of textiles and fashion.

TATM Vision Statement

Excellence in driving innovation and leadership in global textiles and fashion

TATM Faculty Core Values

Academic Excellence: Innovative educational experiences through continuous learning and growth. This includes the commitment to a student-centered learning environment to shape the “new world of textiles and fashion.”

Excellence in Research and Creative Artistry: Focused, innovative problem solving with the highest research standards. Diverse approaches, using scientific research methodologies as well as creative artistry, are respected and valued. Mentoring graduate students regarding the process is a critical component of research and creativity excellence.

Global Connectivity: Responsive to academic and industry communities with connections via education and research is critical to economic development.

Service and Outreach: Responsive to the global community (university/academic/professional organizations, industry – textile value chain, government) to yield solutions to enhance economic development.

Innovation: Innovative problem-solving for all efforts to prepare future leaders in industry and government.

Departmental Goals*

Goal 1:  Be the premier institution in providing creative thinkers and qualified leaders to the global textile and fashion industries.

Goal 2:  Drive economic development in the textile and fashion industries.

Goal 3:  Be recognized as the premier academic institution for research, innovation and leadership in textiles and fashion.

*Currently under revision