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Meet the Newest Members of the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council (DYALC)

Close ties to the Wilson College of Textiles begin when students first step foot onto campus, but those bonds strengthen even further for young alumni who choose to join the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council.

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That one word — with three syllables — holds a lifetime of meaning. 

For students who enter the Wilson College of Textiles, their soon-to-be alma mater quickly becomes their home away from home. The individuals they meet in their classes, during lunch breaks and while studying at the library become their chosen family almost overnight. 

Those close ties to the Wilson College of Textiles that begin when students first arrive on campus continue long after they have embarked on their professional journeys. Since its establishment in 2017, the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council (DYALC) at the Wilson College of Textiles has further strengthened that connection among recent graduates.

The idea for the DYALC was sparked by David Hinks, dean of the Wilson College of Textiles, and Michael Ward, executive director of the North Carolina Textile Foundation. Both leaders wanted to encourage recent graduates to maintain and deepen their connection to their alma mater.

“Our Wilson College graduates are not just alumni; they are the fabric of our legacy,” Hinks says. “The experiences, successes and support of our DYALC members continue to inspire me, and their efforts are paving the way for future generations of textile leaders.”

Boosting the College’s Connection With Recent Grads

Fueled by a dedication to excellence, the DYALC is currently comprised of 23 dynamic alumni, all under the age of 40, who work alongside one respective graduate and undergraduate representative. Each council member provides leadership and guidance — specifically regarding alumni engagement and fundraising — to Hinks and the North Carolina Textile Foundation team

Their impact has been palpable. 

Since 2017, the DYALC has created critical initiatives that have propelled textile graduates to be more engaged, connected and committed to the college. This includes the creation of:

The DYALC’s influence can also be seen in its philanthropic efforts. The council has helped the North Carolina Textile Foundation increase its number of donors under the age of 40 by 80% through annual support of the university’s Day of Giving and endowed gifts.

“This accomplishment is a testament to the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council’s ability to connect with their generation and the next generation,” Ward remarks. “I’m so impressed with the council’s understanding of how impactful philanthropy is for our students, our college, our university and the broader textile industry.”

Meet the Newest DYALC Members

This fall, five new Wilson College graduates have been named members of the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council. 

“I am thrilled to extend a warm welcome to our newest DYALC members, Guan, Shane, Meredith, William and Jordyn,” says Jasmine Cox-Wade ’13, ’20, who serves as co-president of the DYALC. Her fellow co-president, Courtney Musciano Petak ’13, completed that sentiment: “I look forward to working alongside this diverse and dynamic group to advance the council.” 

Meredith (McKague) Corley ’14

B.S. Textile Technology
Product Development Engineer, Antigua Apparel

Meredith Corley’s expertise lies in fiber, yarn, textile construction, finishing, dyeing and fiber types. These skills blossomed during her time at the Wilson College of Textiles. Today, she is an accomplished product development engineer at Antigua Apparel. 

Previously, she worked as Carters, Inc.’s manager of product integrity before being promoted to the company’s fabrics and trims manager. From 2018 to 2020, she led ICO Uniforms’ fabric and trim department, where she oversaw development, production and quality processes while fostering partnerships with over 30 global mills and vendor collaborators. Her previous experience includes stints at Chico’s and Spanx, where she served in a variety of roles within the textile industry.

William Halligan ’13, ’15

B.S. Textile Technology; M.S. Textile Engineering
Flyknit Engineer, Nike, Inc.

As a forward-thinking flyknit engineer at Nike, William Halligan leverages his passion for sustainability to create innovative solutions.

Halligan’s journey at the Wilson College of Textiles began in 2009, and he is grateful for the hands-on experience he gained while studying in the college’s Weaving Lab and Knitting Lab. During his graduate studies, he worked as a graduate research assistant at the Nonwovens Institute. Halligan consistently channels his expertise in textiles, materials and product development. At Nike, he’s proud to help develop sustainable high-performance footwear products that are lightweight, comfortable and meet the needs of all athletes. 

Shane O’Toole

Shane O’Toole ’15

B.S. Polymer and Color Chemistry
Senior Manager of Product Development, Origin Materials
Founder, Red Wolf Innovations, LLC

Shane O’Toole, a native of Downingtown, Pennsylvania, considers the Wilson College of Textiles his home. Armed with skills from his alma mater, he’s thrived within the textile industry. His passion for sustainable athletic apparel landed him a position at Under Armour as a material development manager after graduating in 2015. Next, as the director of raw materials at Tegra Global, he pioneered fabric recycling and supported COVID-19 relief. 

Now, as the senior manager at Origin Materials, O’Toole advances bio-based polymers and champions eco-conscious startups. The most recent stop in his exceptional journey occurred in 2022 when O’Toole was honored with the Wilson College of Textiles’ Distinguished Young Alumni Award.

Jordyn Scheitler ’21, ’22

B.S. Fashion and Textile Management; Master of Textiles
Associate Product Line Manager, Under Armour

Born into a family of NC State enthusiasts, Jordyn Scheitler embraced the Wolfpack spirit from an early age. When she discovered the Wilson College of Textiles, she knew she had found the perfect match. She values the college’s world-class education, which provides a solid foundation in textile science, business, engineering and color chemistry. 

As a student, Scheitler participated in a transformative study abroad trip to Prague, where the city’s culture and fashion blew her away. She also seized the opportunity to be a student intern for two industry giants: Macy’s and Under Armour. Today, Scheitler is an associate product line manager at Under Armour, where she started out working on the Project Rock collection created by Dwayne Johnson. Now, she has transitioned to men’s and boy’s training apparel.

Guan Wang ’12, ’15

M.S. Textile Chemistry; Ph.D. Fiber and Polymer Science
Ecosystem Technology Manager, Advanced Functional Fabrics of America

Guan Wang is an innovation-driven professional whose passion for advanced textile technology has been the motivating force behind his remarkable journey. His diverse career began at Cotton Incorporated, where he conducted research benefiting the U.S. cotton industry. Later, he excelled as a senior textile application development specialist at INVISTA and the LYCRA Company, which are both leaders in performance fiber solutions.

Wang’s success is attributed to his education at the Wilson College of Textiles, which provided a strong foundation for his work. Currently, he is the ecosystem technology manager at Advanced Functional Fabrics of America (AFFOA), where he fosters textile engineering and smart textiles innovation for defense and commercial needs.

Learn More About the DYALC

Please visit this website to learn more about the Dean’s Young Alumni Leadership Council, getting involved and staying engaged.