Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s

Accelerated Bachelor’s/Master’s (ABM) Information 

The ABM program encourages and enables high performing undergraduate students to swiftly complete their master’s degree by enabling some of the master’s level coursework to be completed while finishing the bachelor’s degree. 

The TECS and TATM Departments have formalized ABM programs that line up with their undergraduate degrees:

  • B.S. Polymer and Color Chemistry (PCC) →  M.S. Textile Chemistry (M.S. TC)
  • B.S. Textile Engineering (TE) → M.S. Textile Engineering (M.S. TE)
  • B.S. Textile Technology (TT) → M.S. Textile Engineering* or Master of Textiles (M.T.)
  • B.S. Fashion and Textile Management (FTM) → Master of Textiles (M.T.)

* Textile technology students may qualify for the M.S. TE degree with appropriate additional course work in calculus and higher engineering courses (e.g. thermodynamics and/or statics). 

Although individualized ABM programs can also be developed with other undergraduate programs. ABM students can choose either the thesis or non-thesis option, and the program requirements are the same for both the traditional and ABM students except for the following distinctions (Regulation 02.25.11):

  1. Up to 12 graduate credit hours may be double-counted for both the undergraduate and graduate degrees. The 12 hours (4 courses) can be chosen from the list of recommended graduate level courses in textiles per the modified degree plan for their B.S. degree.
  2. Additional hours must be earned to count toward the graduate degree only (a minimum of 24 hours for M.S. Textiles or 18 hours for M.T. or 20 hours for M.S. TC/TE). 

Requirements for Participation and Graduation

1. Students must complete the bachelor’s degree prior to entering the master’s program. Students in the ABM program may not elect to bypass the bachelor’s degree.

2.  Students must complete all the degree requirements and unconditionally pass the Final Defense (for M.S. students) within the Graduate School ABM designated time period of 12 months for the M.T. or M.S. TC/TE non-thesis degree or 18 months for all the M.S. thesis degrees, after the completion of the B.S. degree. If the master’s degree is not completed within this timeframe, the student will no longer be eligible for the ABM program and courses that were previously double-counted may no longer be eligible for credit toward another graduate degree at NC State. Under special circumstances, a student may petition the Graduate School to ask for an extension of time to complete the ABM program.

Progress Requirements and Ineligibility/Withdrawal

1. Any student whose cumulative or major GPA drops below the established ABM Program minimum requirements (3.5 cumulative GPA and 3.5 major GPA) before or upon graduation from their undergraduate program will be ineligible to continue in the ABM Program, and will only be eligible for the bachelor’s degree.

 2. All ABM students must maintain a graduate GPA of at least 3.00 in all coursework being counted toward the master’s degree, inclusive of courses taken as an undergraduate. Students may earn credit for courses in which they have received a B, but the overall graduate GPA must remain above 3.00. Any graduate student whose graduate GPA falls below 3.00 is subject to the graduate school regulation.

 3. The DGP and DUP must approve any courses that are substantially different from those submitted in the Plan of Work. M.S. students must also receive approval from their graduate advisory committee if they have already filed an official Plan of Work. Failure to consult with faculty in either case will result in the student being dismissed from the ABM Program. 

4. A student may withdraw from the ABM program at any time by submitting written notification to the DGP. A copy of the notice should also be sent to the NC State Graduate School if a student has submitted an application for graduate admission.