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Senior Design

Textile Engineering and Textile Technology

Seniors in textile engineering (TE) and textile technology (TT) are grouped in teams of 3-4 students and assigned a year-long, industry-sponsored project. Over the course of the fall and spring semesters, teams will experience the design process first-hand. Starting in the fall with project planning, evaluating state-of-the-art technologies and ideation and then going through the iterative prototyping and testing process for their own ideas in the spring. Senior Design culminates in a Design Day presentation where each team demonstrates the results of their hard work.

“This entire experience is definitely something I feel everyone needs to go through. The information you learn from being thrusted into a situation where you are essentially tethered to multiple other individuals in hopes to accomplish one common goal is invaluable.”

– Former Senior Design Student

Logos of sponsor companies for Senior Design