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Study Abroad

At NC State, opportunities such as study abroad, internships, service-learning, and undergraduate research expand and enhance a student’s education. Students who leverage such opportunities tend to achieve higher grades, have higher persistence rates, and become more marketable to potential employers. NC State’s student engagement programs are often an early step to a student’s lifetime success.

Engaging in these opportunities allows students to become members of a globalized, multicultural community. Learning about other cultures and meeting interesting individuals from around the world expands upon traditional learning. This prepares NC State students for an increasingly globalized workplace. NC State provides a rich array of opportunities for students to develop a global perspective and gain cross-cultural skills while receiving a truly international education.

Start Your Adventure

The Wilson College of Textiles encourages all students to participate in an international experience during your time at NC State. Wilson College can assist in planning your adventure.  A wide variety of opportunities exist for study abroad, international internships and individual exploration. While students may attend any accredited institution, there are also programs specifically for Textiles students.

The opportunities are endless!

We’ll help you get there!

From how to apply to scholarships and financial aid to FAQs to recommended programs, we’ve thought of everything you need to know.