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The Wilson College of Textiles integrates sustainability in all that we do to improve our society and protect the environment. By our actions, we demonstrate leadership in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustainability is one of the college’s three strategic priorities, as well as one of the five core values.

Making Progress Towards a Zero-Waste Workplace

Thanks to our Sustainability Committee, composting bins are now available as an alternative waste management method throughout the college. It’s part of a larger NC State initiative to establish the university as a Zero Waste Workplace

A photo of two bins placed next to each other in the corner of a Wilson College of Textiles bathroom. One is a waste bin and is gray. One (right) is a green bin and is for composting. Both have signage above them explaining what items to place in each type of bin.

Students Work Towards More Sustainable Industry Through Greater Good Textile Group

The Greater Good Textile Group (GGTG) consists of student advocates for textile ethics. Through projects and events that focus on sustainability, laborer rights, and community services, GGTG supports student who want to have a positive and lasting impact in the textile industry.

Greater Good Textile Group members