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Student working on a loom


Whatever the textiles industry needs in order to flourish — today and in the future — we supply.

The Complete Partner

The Wilson College of Textiles is essential to traditional and emerging industry. In support of NC State’s land-grant mission, we provide real-world businesses with applied research, end-to-end service and a deep pool of talent. Above all, we strive to predict and prepare for what’s next. That’s why we’ve been the national leader in our field since 1899.

As the only college in North America devoted to the entire ecosystem of textiles, the scope of our innovation, partnership and service is unmatched. Alongside the best in the business, we help to drive a resurgent textiles industry, which has brought thousands of new jobs and more than $100 million in foreign direct investment to our state.

In short, if you have a business need related to textiles — or to any area that depends on textiles expertise — we stand ready to meet it.

For Employers

The most valuable resource we offer industry? Talent. Our highly skilled graduates have been the lifeblood of the evolving textiles industry for more than a century, which is why employers flock to our college to recruit them.

Employer shaking hands with a student at the career fair.

Your Competitive Advantage

As a land-grant institution, our first duty is to create economic prosperity in our state. That means helping textile companies — and the companies that work with them — thrive. To do that, we provide the education, research, partnership and service that underpin industry.

Our college boasts a 200,000-square-foot presence on NC State’s Centennial Campus, one of the leading research parks in the United States. Here, you’ll find acres of testing, prototyping and pilot production facilities; a wealth of unique laboratories; and leading experts in textiles from five different continents. Our college also hosts three unique centers or institutes, each of which is built to serve industry.

From solving the challenges of traditional textile firms to helping create heart valves, space suits and smart wearable devices, we’re a proven competitive advantage for companies big and small.

$300M in Economic Impact

Since 2006, Zeis Textiles Extension has taught more than 12,000 students — with a total economic impact approaching one-third of a billion dollars.

Contact Us

As a college, we pride ourselves on our creativity and our responsiveness. If you have a unique business challenge, a burning research question or a need no one else can meet, that’s where we come in. The brightest minds in textiles call our campus home, and they’re eager to work with you.

To learn more about how the Wilson College of Textiles can help, please get in touch.