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M.S. Textile Engineering Independent Study

The Independent Study project allows you to work with different faculty and explore some of the work that they are doing. It will help you to work in a research environment that is different from the classroom. Projects may range from literature study to some limited practical experimental work, depending on your and your faculty supervisor’s needs and interests. 

Six (6) credit hours of the TE630 independent study (IS) course are required for the non-thesis degree and highly recommended for the thesis degree. So, everyone will start in the “non-thesis option B”, taking first 6 credits must be of TE630 (you can use this for your thesis as well in two separate semesters. 


  • Find a faculty supervisor by studying their research in-person and online (be pro-active, this may be challenging!).
  • Ask the faculty for an Independent Study (TE630) with them.
  • You cannot register yourself for TE630. Forward supervisor approval (email), to the graduate services coordinator and they will register you.
  • At the start of the semester you will fill out a ”Mutual Expectations Statement” together with your supervisor and submit that to the DGP (see link). [[[emailed Emiel to see if we can update this link]]]
  • Again: The TE630 may also be used for your first semester as thesis research, that is no problem and strongly recommended.