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Day of Giving

On March 20, 2024, members of the Wilson College of Textiles community can come together to invest in the future of textiles and the next generation of textile leaders.

Your support on Day of Giving will propel the Wilson College of Textiles to continue leading the way in textiles education, research and innovation!

Celebrate 125 years of textiles education by #GivingPack on March 20, 2024

This year, NC State is celebrating 125 years of textiles education!

Through donor support on Day of Giving and beyond, the Wilson College of Textiles can continue to drive our industry’s most significant advancements — as the only college in the Americas devoted to textiles and the number one recognized textiles institution globally.

Your support on Day of Giving will empower the Wilson College of Textiles to:

▸ award life-changing scholarships to the next generation of textile leaders
▸ offer our students an unparalleled, hands-on education
▸ recruit world-class faculty and staff who are experts in their fields
▸ conduct groundbreaking research that tackles society’s greatest challenges

Save the date: Day of Giving is on March 20, 2024

Let’s uncover a tomorrow that’s brighter than ever, together. Please join us on March 20 to invest in our Wolfpack, our college, our university and our vision for the future.

What Is Day of Giving?

NC State Day of Giving is an annual, daylong fundraising event. For 24 hours, the Wolfpack comes together to help NC State achieve more: creating greater opportunities, providing broader educational access, fostering bolder visions and conducting more innovative research. The collaboration on Day of Giving shows how much we can achieve together. 

Support the Wilson College’s vision for the future

On NC State’s annual Day of Giving, the Wilson College of Textiles’ community of supporters can unlock exceptional opportunities for textiles students — today, tomorrow and beyond.

How do I get involved?

There are a variety of ways that our alumni, students, staff, faculty, industry partners and friends can support the Wilson College of Textiles on Day of Giving. Use the list below to find six simple ways you can make a difference.

Sign up to win exclusive swag as a Pack Leader

Pack Leaders are enthusiastic alumni, family members and friends of NC State who want to ignite that passion for our university in others.

Maximize your impact on Day of Giving by leading the charge while also snagging free Wolfpack swag.

Photo of a tote bag and a pair of socks

Use our templates to email, text and post about Day of Giving

Not sure what to say when asking your loved ones and colleagues to support the Wilson College of Textiles on Day of Giving? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered.

Use our email, text message and social media post templates to send information to your networks.

Two individuals smiling while looking at a computer

Make a greater impact by supporting our priorities

Make a gift of $10 or more on Day of Giving to support the Wilson College of Textiles. Below, you’ll see a list of six of our college’s priority funds — these funds will allow you to make an even greater impact.

For many students, scholarship support is a critical bridge that makes attending NC State possible! The North Carolina Textile Foundation (NCTF) Centennial Scholarship Endowment provides life-changing, merit-based scholarships to undergraduate students who are pursuing a degree at the Wilson College of Textiles.

By covering the costs of tuition, education fees and enrichment activities, the NCTF Centennial Scholarship Endowment empowers students to focus solely on their world-class education. You can change the lives of our textile students by supporting the NCTF Centennial Scholarship Endowment!

A gift to the Textiles Wellness and Success Fund will directly impact the health and wellbeing of our textiles students!

With your help, we can show the next generation of textile leaders that we see them, we hear them and, most important, we are always here for them. Through the Wellness and Success Fund, the Wilson College of Textiles is firmly committed to providing our students with immediate access to resources — including critical support from our college’s full-time, embedded mental health counselor — that empower them to excel both academically and personally.

The Dean’s Textiles Innovation Fund has become synonymous with the word “transformational.”

The fund was created to empower the dean to provide financial assistance to areas with the most critical need — as quickly as possible. From helping students who are facing emergency hardship caused by the pandemic to providing faculty with the support needed to present their research at international conferences, the Dean’s Textiles Innovation Fund has helped meet the college’s most immediate needs.

Areas of priority include student, faculty and staff development; tutoring support for all students in the Wilson College of Textiles; hosting educational seminars; travel to top industry conferences; the retention of talented faculty; and innovative new programs and facilities. With your help, the Dean’s Textiles Innovation Fund can continue to immediately address Wilson College’s areas of greatest need.

Equity, which is one of the central values for the Wilson College of Textiles, is essential to the college’s success. The Textiles Diversity and Inclusion Fund finances culture-building initiatives for students, faculty and staff. In turn, this support builds the college’s cultural competence and fosters a climate of inclusivity.

Join us in supporting the Textiles Diversity and Inclusion Fund on NC State’s Day of Giving!

As a global leader in chemistry, color science and engineering of polymers, fibers and textiles, the Department of Textile Engineering, Chemistry and Science (TECS) in the Wilson College of Textiles ignites innovation and discovery among students, faculty and staff. The TECS Enhancement Fund empowers the department head to support innovative teaching, recruit talented new faculty, provide program support and so much more.

Your gift will have a lasting impact on the continued success of TECS!

The Department of Textile Apparel Technology Management (TATM) in the Wilson College of Textiles offers an unparalleled textile and fashion education to students who are shaping the future. With support from the TATM Enhancement Fund, the department can continue to prepare the next generation of leaders for careers in the textile, apparel, home, furniture, fashion and retail industries.

This fund empowers the department head to recruit new faculty, provide program support, invest in groundbreaking research and so much more. With your help, TATM will remain at the forefront of innovation!

Win swag (or hockey tickets) as a Wilson College social media ambassador

If you participate in two (2) social media challenges and share two (2) of the Wilson College of Textiles’ social media posts on Day of Giving, you will win Day of Giving swag!

Want to win an even bigger prize? Participate in four (4) social media challenges and share four (4) of the college’s social media posts to be entered into a raffle to win four tickets to the Carolina Hurricanes vs. Toronto Maple Leafs hockey game on March 24.

Day of Giving card held up in front of the Wilson College of Textiles buiding

Note: The winner of the social media ambassador raffle must be able to travel to Raleigh, NC, to attend the hockey game on March 24, 2024.

Request a free bandana for your Pack pet

Our pets are an important part of our NC State family. Whether they’re running wild or interrupting your daily Zoom call, they’re here for us when we need them.

Deck out your pet in a Wilson College of Textiles bandana and share their photos on March 20, from 1-2 p.m., to help our college win the Pack Pets Challenge.

Participate in a #GivingPack Challenge

By participating in a giving or social media challenge, you can help the Wilson College of Textiles win extra funding for the Dean’s Textiles Innovation Fund.

Giving Challenges

  • NCTF Centennial Scholarship Challenge ($40,000)
    • If 125 gifts are made by 4 p.m. to the NCTF Centennial Scholarship Endowment Fund, Wilson College of Textiles alumna Nancy Webster ’75 will generously donate $40,000 to support the scholarship program that has changed the lives of so many.
  • Invest in Innovation Challenge ($250,000)
    • If the college receives $125,000 in gifts on Day of Giving, we’ll unlock a 2:1 match of a $250,000 anonymous gift to the Flex Factory Capital Fund.
  • 125th Celebration Challenge ($60,000)
    • If the NCTF Centennial Scholarship Endowment Fund receives an additional 125 gifts (bringing the total to at least 250 gifts), Nancy Webster ’75 will donate an additional $60,000 to the Centennial Scholarship Program in honor of NC State celebrating 125 years of textiles education.

Social Media Challenges

  • Window Into the Wolfpack Challenge (Feb. 20 to March 19) — X and Instagram
    • Give us a window into your world, Wolfpack! Take a photo framed by the paper or virtual wolf cutout available in the Day of Giving toolkit. Participate on X or Instagram by using #GivingPack and tagging @NCStateWilson.
      • Three winners will receive $500 each for their college or unit.
  • Why I Give Challenge (All day on March 20) — X and Instagram
    • Fill in the blanks and tell us your “why”: I’m #GivingPack to @NCStateWilson on @NCState Day of Giving because ___ [insert reason]. Join me!
      • Four winners will receive $500 each for their college or unit.
  • GivingPack Hashtag Match Challenge (All day on March 20) — X and Instagram Stories
    • Tell us something you love about NC State — why you chose it, a favorite memory, a shout-out to a friend, your favorite campus spot, etc. — and post it on X using the hashtag #GivingPack and mention @NCStateWilson.
    • You may also visit the @NCState Instagram Stories on March 20 and use the “Add Yours” sticker to participate. Don’t forget to use #GivingPack, tag @NCState and mention @NCStateWilson.
      • Multiple winners will receive $10 per post (for their college or unit) until the $4,000 threshold is reached.
  • Packs Pets Challenge (1-2 p.m.) — X, Instagram and Facebook
    • Our pets are part of our NC State family. During this hour, we want you to show us your Wolfpack pets! Participate on Twitter or Instagram by using #GivingPack and tagging @NCStateWilson. Don’t forget to request a free Wilson College bandana for your pet.
      • Two winners will receive $1,000 each for their college or unit.
  • Professional Pack Challenge (from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on March 20) — LinkedIn
    • This one’s for our Professional Pack. Whether you work at NC State or elsewhere, take a photo of yourself or your team working today. Enter by posting your photo as a comment on the NC State University LinkedIn page’s post about this challenge and mentioning @NCStateWilson. You can also enter by posting the photo publicly on your personal LinkedIn account, tagging the NC State University LinkedIn page, using #GivingPack and mentioning @NCStateWilson in the post.
      • One winner will receive $1,000 for their college or unit.

Contact us

If you have questions about Day of Giving, please contact Kam Heslop, assistant director of communications at the North Carolina Textile Foundation, at