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Datacolor Color Science Laboratory and the Optics and Imaging Laboratory

The Datacolor Color Science Laboratory and the Optics and Imaging Laboratory have state of the art capabilities for practically all aspects of color and lighting measurement and visual assessment of colored material that conform to AATCC, ISO and ASTM standards.

The laboratories are routinely used for education, research and external service work as well as training.

Unique Capabilities

  • Radiometric measurements (irradiance and contact or non-contact radiance over 200-1100 nm) of light sources, standard light boxes and reflective surfaces.
  • Reflectance and Transmittance measurements of solid objects and solutions.
  • Digital color capture and display under controlled conditions.
  • Determination of observers color aptitude and color normalcy using a variety of standard test methods (e.g. Ishihara, HVS, Nietz, FM100)
  • Automated dye solution, dispensing and laboratory scale dyeing apparatus.
  • Apparatus for coating surfaces with controlled thicknesses


  • Telespectroradiometer, with capability of detection from 200-1100 nm equipped with fiber optics telescope that allows noncontact measurements to be conducted. Can be used for irradiance or radiance measurements.
  • Several SpectraLight III viewing booths with D75, D65, U30, TL84, CWF, and A sources.
  • Several bench top Spectrophotometers including, Datacolor SF600X, SF650, SF450, SF400, as well as handheld models.
  • 3D Laser digital scanning
  • Portable radiometer, 400-800 nm for determination of irradiance.
  • 2 Verivide DigiEye┬« units for non-contact color determination of objects not suitable for viewing via spectrophotometers ports
  • Digital Calibrated Monitors (Eizo Edge) and Nikon D90, & D200 Cameras to capture and display images under controlled conditions.
  • High resolution Epson scanner
  • Cannon wide format inkjet printer
  • Drawdown table for coatings with a variety of K-bars
  • Color inconstancy, additive and subtractive color mixing devices
  • Rapid sample humidity and temperature conditioning unit

Responsible for Labs

Renzo Shamey | 919.280.7234 |