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Instrumentation and Controls Lab

The instrumentation and controls lab is designed to facilitate the design and testing of instruments related to textiles, fibers, color image processing, and particulate filters. The staff has over 20 years experience in Linux and embedded operating systems, drivers and driver development, color science, data acquisition, and systems development.

Unique Capabilities

  • Measurement of filtration efficiency of particulate filters down to 2 nm.
  • Real-time measurement of yarn diameters.
  • Development of real-time Linux device drivers for data acquisition related to textiles.
  • Deposition of femto-liter droplets on fibers and surfaces.
  • Measurement of resistance and capacitance of dielectrics.


  • TSI 3080 Electrostatic Classifier
  • TSI 2785 Condensation Particle Counter
  • Atomizers, diffusion driers, Alnor AXD620 anemometer
  • Keithly 6517 electrometer
  • Scopes, high voltage power supplies, wave generators
  • Data acquisition boards and software

Responsible for Lab

Warren J. Jasper | 919.515.6565 |