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SEM and Forensic Textile Microscopy Laboratory

A Hitachi TM4000 desktop SEM is used for evaluation/interpretation of surface morphology and structure of solid materials. It is used for both publication quality photomicrographs as well as a quick screening tool when higher magnification is ultimately needed. Nikon polarizing microscopes are available in the laboratory for high quality photomicrographs used in forensic and other fiber identification purposes. All undergraduate students graduating from the Wilson College of Textiles learn the basics of fiber identification through hands-on experience. All microscopes are available for graduate student research and outside client services performed by the lab manager.

Unique Capabilities

  • High quality SEM images at resolutions to 30 nm and capable of magnification to 5,000 X.
  • Enough polarized light microscopes for hands-on experience in classes
  • Cameras are available for most microscopes for high quality photomicrographs


  • Hitachi TM4000  desktop SEM
  • Nikon Eclipse 50i POL
  • Nikon SMZ-1000 Zoom Stereo Microscope
  • Olympus LEXT OLS4000 confocal measuring microscope
  • 3in1 Nomadic Raman microscope
  • Keyence VHX7000 digital microscope, with polarized light
  • Nikon DS-FI1 Digital Camera
  • Quorum Technologies SC7620 Mini Sputter Coater

Responsible for Lab

Madilynn Smith | 919.515.6522 |