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Weaving Studio

The focus of the Weaving Studio is on the design, development and creation of woven fabric. Through prototyping, experimentation and refinement, students have the opportunity to develop innovative woven fabrics with state of the art equipment used in the industry. The studio is home to basic floor looms, advanced multi-harness dobby looms and jacquard weaving machines. Students also work with CAD programs, including EAT and WeavePoint, to develop designs to be woven. While the activities of this studio are routinely used for education, it also supports creative and scientific research, and training. 

Unique Capabilities

  • Traditional hand weaving 
  • Multi-harness dobby weaving
  • Automated dobby weaving
  • Individual thread control experimental Jacquard machine
  • Automatic warping
  • Automatic Pirn winding
  • Updated weave design software


  • 12 narrow 16 harness AVL compu-dobby looms
  • 2 wide 16 harness AVL compu-dobby looms
  • 1 narrow 24 harness AVL compu-dobby loom with automatic shuttle system
  • 2 basic 8 harness floor looms (AVL and Macomber)
  • 1 TC2 individual thread control Jacquard machine with 3 wide frame, 12 modules and two beams
  • Warping tools (4 warping boards, and 2 upright warping mills)
  • 1 AVL power sectional beam winder
  • Variety of weaving tools (shuttles, bobbins, reeds, sley hooks, etc)
  • 2 mechanical bobbin winders
  • 1 AVL automatic pirn winder 
  • WeavePoint 8 computer software for weave drafting
  • Various yarns for sampling

Responsible for Lab

Janie Woodbridge |